Vinny update

Saturday, July 6, 2013

I talked to the vet around Noon today and she confirmed that Vinny had no broken bones, no head trauma and no fractures. The vet I saw yesterday suspected that he might have a hairline fracture on one of his ribs but the radiology report didn't reflect that so that's good news.
His lungs are just really bruised and in this type of injury, it can get worse before it gets better. Think of when you bump your leg and get a bruise. You know how it gets really funky, awful colored before it gets better? Same thing here only that much worse because it's the lungs.

He does have some air in the cavity outside of his lungs but it's not because of a puncture, just the trauma of the blow. It's not an excessive amount so they don't need to tap it to remove it. It will just dissipate on its own. This is good news.
He has no internal bleeding and his blood cell count levels are good. I went to see him this afternoon and he rolled over onto his back so I could rub his belly. Unfortunately, they didn't want to take him out because when he isn't in the oxygen, his breathing gets really labored so all I could do was reach in to pet him. I took one of my shirts in so he would be able to smell me on it and I thought that might relax him. I told the tech that I had rubbed it on the dogs, too and she seemed a little surprised that the scent of dogs would actually calm a cat but then, doesn't know my Vin. He loves his pack!
He's not really eating so I brought his prescription canned food but he didn't want that, either. They have him on an IV so at least he's getting the nutrients that he needs.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! I'll check in again tomorrow.
Here's Vinny in the oxygen chamber today.



  1. Best thoughts are with this handsome little bastard, and with you Chrissy x

  2. Great news. Hope he gets to come home soon.

    He looks just like my daughters cat, Louise.

  3. Good wishes to the brave and nice feline.

  4. @Indigo Roth,
    Thank you! :-)

    @Simply Suthern,
    Thanks, I hope so, too! Everyone knows a tabby that looks like Vinny. There's one that moved in around the block and people keep thinking it's him.

    @Laoch of Chicago,
    Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the update! Can't wait for pictures of Vinny's return home.

  6. Awwwww bless his heart. Sending prayers for your little guy! :)

  7. @Edwards,
    Posting soon!

    Thanks so much!


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