Please pray for Vinny

Friday, July 5, 2013

I hope you all had a good holiday. I decided to lay low this year and I declined some offers to attend backyard barbeques. It was pretty hot and muggy and that equals a bitchy Chrissy so I thought for the sake of everyone involved, I would just take a pass.

Manly Man is coming to do some work for me at the house so I wanted to scrub the floors in the basement since he would be going down there. I filled my bucket up with soapy water in the kitchen and as I was carrying it to the steps, the handle broke. Remember the Brady Bunch episode when Bobby tries to wash his suit before everyone gets home and he used the whole box of detergent resulting in a bubble fest everywhere? Yeah, it was kinda like that.

I figured I would run up to the hardware store to get a new bucket. I always check that Vinny isn't under the car and if he's anywhere near it, he runs away anyway. I didn't see him so I started the car. I got halfway down the driveway when I felt a bump. I got out of my car and saw Vinny running away.

Oh my GOD! I hit Vin Vin!

I ran all over calling him but he didn't come back. I finally found him hiding in my neighbor's yard. He was having trouble breathing and he had blood coming out of his mouth. I gathered him and up drove him to the emergency vet clinic which is about 20 minutes away. I had him on my lap and he kept looking up at me and spitting up blood. I was so distraught, I can't believe I even made it there.

I handed him over and they told me that because of his condition, I would need to sign a consent so they could begin treatment immediately. And they wanted a $500 deposit before they would start. I paid the deposit and waited.

Luckily, there was a very nice man in the waiting room who talked me down off the ledge, so to speak. He was there because his Rottweiler had stuck his nose under the fence and a little, yippy dog that his neighbors were dog sitting bit him on the nose.

I had called my sister but remember the tragic corn incident when I called her and she went to the wrong house? I waited and waited and even after I had gone back to see Vinny, she still wasn't there. I came out into the lobby and looked at Rottweiler's dad as if to say, ""Have you seen her?", and he said, "Oh, she was here. I told her you were okay, so she left." That made me laugh.

It turns out that she had gone to the wrong place. Again.

Vinny has no broken bones, no head trauma and his bladder is ok. I must have gone over his chest because his lungs are pretty bruised. He was in an oxygen chamber when I left and he seemed much calmer.

I called last night around midnight and they said his breathing wasn't strained and that he was resting comfortably. I called this morning and they were waiting for the trauma specialist to take a look at him. It's now 11:00 and I'm pretty annoyed that I haven't heard anything.

Of course, in order to keep him there, they needed another $2100, which is the estimate of care for a two night stay. I understand the higher cost of running a 24 hour clinic but I think it's shameful that they won't even begin treatment on your pet without cash in hand.

Please pray for Vinny. I'll keep you updated.


  1. Positive thoughts for Vinny. AND you.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Vinny. I know it is traumatic.

    The Vet does have a way to turn the trauma into hope and despair at the same time. No payment plans with those guys. We've had similar experiences.

    Good to hear Vinny is doing better. He and you will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. You hit me straight in the stomach with this little piece of info, hon! I guess I still haven't got entirely over my Nina passing away (which in itself is an euphemism for saying "my Nina being killed because I asked the vet to do so"). I don't pray but be sure that in my heart & my mind, I'll be reciting mantras for Vinny. And you. But that I always do anyway. Luv ya, sweetie, and try to send you some warm-hearted vibes through the www.
    xoxoxo D.

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry this happened. ): Cats have a way of getting underfoot, do not beat yourself up, Chrissy. My girl cat lounges in the driveway (everywhere really) too and she always has 100% confidence that all will step and drive around her. I will be more careful after reading this. Hang in there!!!

  5. @Edward,
    Thanks so much!

    @Simply Suthern,
    Exactly. They give you the glimmer of hope that he'll be okay and then they say, "well, let's see if he makes it through the night." Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

    Aw, you did what was best for Nina. You can't feel guilty. Thanks for your mantras. I think I feel them coming over. :-)

    Thank you. They sure are cocky, aren't they? He lays under everyone's cars on the street and sits in the middle of the sidewalk when dogs are walking down the street.

  6. I've only just heard about this honey. I hope the Vinnster is well on the way to a full recovery x

  7. Chrissy, I read this post this morning but did not have time to leave a comment because I had some out-of-town guests who I had to meet up with VERY early, but I was devastated to hear this news.

    Please know that I am sharing MUCH good vibes and energy with Vinny, in hopes that he recovers.

    ((((((((((((((((( Vinnny )))))))))))))))

    You take care, girl!

    (((((((( You ))))))))


  8. @Indigo Roth,
    Thanks. He was doing better today. :-)

    Thanks for the vibes and energy. I just posted an update. He's a fighter!


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