Monday Morning Vinny

Monday, July 8, 2013

But you knew this Monday morning would be Vinny.....

I swear, you guys, if you didn't see his little shaved leg, you would never know anything was wrong with him!

Saturday, when I brought him home around 7PM, he was super tired and he went right sleep. Since I usually sleep until 9:00, I set my alarm for 7:00 this morning so I could give him his next dose of pain meds. He was awake and waiting for me when I went upstairs and then he came back down into my bedroom, climbed on his cat tree and fell asleep.
He was even ready to go outside when I took the dogs out! So much for thinking that he would be too traumatized to go back out. But then, he probably thinks that his attempted murderer (me) is in the house and he wants to get away!
The vet said that he can't go out for at least 2 weeks but I want to see if I can get him to stay inside for good. I'm sure this will be no small feat so I'm going to need to research it and ask around to see if it's even possible.
As I said yesterday, he decided to hide out in a unused bedroom upstairs. These houses are pretty old and the heating and cooling to the upper floor stinks. Everyone on the street uses a space heater in the winter and a window air conditioning unit in the summer for their second floor.
The temperature in that room was at least 90 degrees so I went out and bought an window air conditioning unit. What the heck? Why not round out my expenses to a nice even number like $3200? I justified it by telling myself that I want to make the room into a guest room. I really do but I hadn't planned on it for a while. There isn't exactly a huge deluge of guests staying here although, given the cost of Vinny's treatment, I might make this place a bed and breakfast for pet lovers.
Most places put a mint on your pillow. I'll put a cat.

Allergy pills available on request.


  1. Night caps include a shot of Benadryl. You'll sleep well and your eyes should stop itching by morning.

  2. @Simply Suthern,
    Perfect! :-)

  3. " Why not round out my expenses to a nice even number like $3200?"

    YIKES, Chrissy!

    You are the BEST caretaker!

    (((((( You )))))

    And I am so happy to hear that Mr. Vinny is doing so well. And I gotta say, he looks awesome in that last shot. Happy and well!

    X to you and the gang!

  4. Really glad he bounced back the way he has.

    You need to remind Vinny to mark his chart down to 8 lives left unless he used a few prior to you taking him in, then he needs to adjust accordingly. Cats are remarkably resilient.

    We dont let our cats out at all. Festus and Louise dont even try to get out but we have to watch Carli. She will shoot out if you aint watching just to eat grass so she can puke it up on the floor. Sweet cat.

  5. @Ron,
    Isn't that madness? Looks like I'll be getting a real job sooner than I had planned! Thanks! He really is doing great. :-)

    @Simply Suthern,

    Shocking how well he's bounced back! It must be true about that 9 lives thing. My neighbor was just telling me how Vinny was playing a game of chicken with a hawk a few weeks ago. I don't need to hear that..

    That's so great that your cats don't even try to go out. Except to come in and puke! Love the name Louise for a kitty.

  6. I would prefer a cat to a mint any day.
    So glad Vinnie is such a strong little man. ((hugs))

  7. @Eolist Petite,
    Thank you! I'll have him ready when you come to stay. :-)

  8. You're the best mother ever! (despite your driving skills)

  9. @Edward,
    Hey....!! I resemble that statement. :-)


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