Monday Morning Millie

Monday, July 1, 2013

"I refuse to turn around until it's Tuesday!"


  1. Amen to Millie!

    Actually, I don't feel like turning around until it's September. This heat and humidity is wiping me out.

    Have a FAB Monday, Chrissy!

  2. @Ron,
    I know! Isn't it awful? You get sticky from just walking out the door. ICK.
    Thanks, you too!

  3. Seems you northern folks are getting more heat than us. We have an extra heaping helping of humidity tho.

    The frogs are happy. I spose someone should be.

    As long as the fly wasnt saying "Help Me!, Hellppp Me!" I think things are good.

  4. @Simply Suthern,
    They keep describing it as "gulf style heat and humidity." Frogs are people, too. Oh, wait, no they aren't.

    No, I think he was saying, "GET OUT"

  5. I'm no Buddhist but, dear Karma, if possible, lemme be reborn as Millie. PS: And I'm sure she wanted to say "Can't bear to look at that empty bowl — fill it up with dog cookies, like, NOW, woman!"

  6. @Dieter,
    I'm totally coming back as a beagle! Right, five minutes after she eats, she acts like she hasn't eaten in 5 years.

  7. Hell-o Kickie,

    I enjoy the doggy fotos. I have always approved of all the hounds. I could continue, but i think you understand.

    What i have noticed, since accidentally finding your page, is that you try to respond to your responders. I find this interesting (partly because i do not understand social media well, i believe i understand community, and i know 'it' to be important), i wonder how often this is done on similar pages. This interaction is approaching a limited conversation, with some of your frequent guests, perhaps an extended conversation.

    Certainly, you have shown creative writing episodes. An amateur, or a non-established writer desires an audience. 'Journaling' is both a therapeutic technique, and an exercise of practice and self-realisation. I find all this sort of stuff of interest, even for myself.

    Humour is note worthy, but it is sometimes a masque for weightier things. I have told people, that humour to be funny must be truthful. On the surface, there is the smile and laugh. Then i saw you reprised, "damage lies inside where no one can see it. Sort of like what happened to my soul."

  8. @S,
    Interesting that you should mention the comments. I was just discussing this with another blogger the other day. He and I both agree that we want that interaction with out readers and replying to a comment shows that we appreciate that they've not only read a post but felt compelled to comment on it. It's not done by all bloggers.

    Laughter is the best medicine. Physically and mentally.


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