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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Please join me in congratulating that sugar laden mush of a confection called a Peep. The Peep turns 60 this week and is going stronger than ever. They're a personal favorite of mine (next to my beloved Cadbury eggs) and I'll even buy them after the season when they get a little hard. No, no sexual connotation here, I'm just saying I kinda like 'em when they get stiff. That didn't sound right, either. Moving on..

I was interested to find out that the company that makes Peeps, Just Born, has been privately held since its inception as a Brooklyn storefront 90 years ago. The store was named after the owner, Sam Born. As the candy business grew, it moved to Bethehem, PA and acquired the Peeps brand. I always thought that the Peeps/Just Born connection was a carefully plotted marketing ploy and I was amused to see that it was, instead, a happy coincidence.

When Peeps were first made, they were hand-squeezed out of pastry bags by dozens of women. Can you imagine? The business was automated in the 50's and can now pump out millions of Peeps a day. A day!

They also manufacture Hot Tamales, Mike & Ike's and Peanut Chews but they aren't cute so I don't care about them. In recent years, the family brought in a hip marketing team to expand their Peep brand line and consequently their market share.
Not sure that these are my cup of tea. Marshmallow centers surrounded by dark chocolate.

Chocolate mousse flavored Peeps
To capture the Valentine market. Well played, Just Born.
Rockin' the Peeps hat
So to celebrate the Peeps anniversary, I stopped at the drugstore on the way home to buy some. I always find it hard to keep newly discovered knowledge to myself, so when I got to the register, I announced to the cashier that it was the Peeps anniversary. She humored me and sounded excited so as I was swiping my credit card, I turned and smiled at the man behind me who was glaring at me and my excitement over Peeps.
Never one to miss an opportunity, I picked up a package, held it up toward him and said, "Peep! Peep!"
He had a look on his face like,  If I had a knife right now, I would slit your throat.
I think someone needs a Peep. "Peep! Peep!"


  1. Funny how when they change the shape it is still call a Peep. Never heard a bunny or a Christmas tree go peep.

    Regardless, they make then for all seasons now so we never have to wait long to get another fix.

    Love the hat.

  2. " and I'll even buy them after the season when they get a little hard. No, no sexual connotation here, I'm just saying I kinda like 'em when they get stiff. That didn't sound right, either. Moving on.."


    But it's funny you said 'hard' because that's the ONLY way I can eat a Peep because I'm not really fond of them when they're soft. When I was a kid, I would put them into the refrigerator to get them hard before I ate them.

    LOVE Cadbury Eggs though! And Peanut Chews? I can eat them nonstop.

    That Peep hat is so CUTE!!!!


  3. Can't believe a Clevelander was that unfriendly - he must be from the Northeast.

  4. @Simply Suthern,
    Ha ha! You're right. It IS always called a Peep. Next will be Rudolph the Red Nosed Peep.

    Exactly. Year round indulgence. I'm diggin' the hat, too.

    Isn't that funny that you'll only eat them when they aren't soft? We all have our own preferences.

    You know, I never had a Peanut Chew. The most I can eat with just peanuts is a payday every now and then.

    Adorable hat!

    @The Roving Retorter,
    He didn't look like he was from around these parts. ;-)

  5. Oh man, there is just something about Peeps. To me they taste the best at Easter time. I'm really not interested in any other holiday or season. But come Spring, I am liable to by a case of these stupid things. I put them in my kids baskets knowing they don't like them, just so they'll give them to me.

    And I like them hard too! He he he. I open the package and leave them on the counter for a day. They get nice and stale before I consume them in place of a meal.

    I could probably go into great detail about my love of cadbury eggs, but that would be X rated, so we'll leave it alone for now.

  6. @Missy,
    Too funny! Are your kids onto you yet?

    I know what you mean about the Cadbury eggs. I usually make the mistake of eating them while I'm driving and I get busted at a traffic light with my tongue inside one.


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