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Saturday, March 23, 2013

I live in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Ohio that I know is rich with culture. We have The Cleveland Orchestra, The Cleveland Museum of Art and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall

The Cleveland Museum of Art
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Cleveland has The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, professional sports teams and world renowned health care institutions.
The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and Rainforest

Cleveland Indians Progressive Field

The Cleveland Clinic

The homes in Cleveland suburbs range from small bungalows to stately mansions and the neighborhoods have distinct flavors.

Bay Village bungalow

1928 Shaker Heights Colonial
This is the Ohio that I live and breathe every day. But once a month, when I receive Our Ohio magazine, published by the Ohio Farm Bureau, I realize that this is my Ohio, too.
Farming has always been a major component of Ohio's economy. The fertile soil of Ohio produces soybeans, oats, corn, greenhouse and nursery products, wheat, hay, and fruit, including apples, peaches, strawberries, and grapes. More than half of Ohio's farm receipts come from dairy farming and sheep and hog raising.
I'm sure you're wondering why I'm a member of the Ohio Farm Bureau and, quite honestly, I probably would have never known that it even existed if it weren't for my insurance company. I carry my homeowners and auto insurance policies through Nationwide Insurance, who has partnered with The Ohio Farm Bureau to offer a discount to its members.
Each month, I'm fascinated to read about this industry that I knew existed but that I never really paid much attention to. The Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization that works closely with state and national policymakers on important issues like personal property rights, renewable energy, crime, education, taxes, and more. Most farms are family operated and passed down through generations. I love seeing that tradition and "roll up your sleeves" hard work still exists and I'm proud that it's virtually in my own back yard.


Ohio Fun Facts
State Flower: Scarlet Carnation
State Bird: Cardinal
State Tree: Buckeye
State Insect: Ladybug
State Animal: White Tailed Deer
Origin of the name: Iroquoian word meaning "great river".
State Nickname: The Buckeye State
Aerial view of the Niederman Family Farm corn maze.
 They do a different theme every year. Here are some more:



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  2. Another faaaabulous "About Cleveland" post, Chrissy!

    Wow...the interior shot of Severance Hall is stunning!

    I love the contrast in photos from downtown Cleveland to the more rural area's. Cleveland has such gorgeous country!

    " I love seeing that tradition and "roll up your sleeves" hard work still exists and I'm proud that it's virtually in my own back yard."

    That is so awesome!

    Love, love, love the aerial shots of the various corn mazes. That is so cool!

    I've never been to your part of the states, but I really need to get there one day because it looks like such a diverse place. Cleveland looks and feels like it's got a great "energy" too!

    Enjoy your weekend, girl!

    X to you and the gang!

  3. I'm gonna admit, until I read this, the only thing I knew about Cleveland was either from The Drew Carey Show, or from How I Met Your Mother. :)

  4. @Ron,
    Thanks, Ron! Severance Hall is more stunning in person, if you can believe it. You really should head out here some day. We could go to the symphony on Saturday and picking corn on Sunday!

    @McGriddle Pants,
    Too funny! What? No "Hot in Cleveland"? ;-)


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