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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hey Ladies (and Guys)!

I'm not big on endorsing products unless I really love them. Or someone is paying me to do it. I can be reached at 555-xxxx.

Seriously, though, I've had gray hair since I was 13 years old so when people my age are lamenting about finding their first gray hair, I just yawn. I've been coloring my hair for years but I only started having it professionally done about 2 years ago. I was tired of having black hair color splattered all over the bathroom and I wanted to try highlights, which help to conceal the regrowth of the gray.

The last time I tried highlights was around 1980 when I sprayed Sun-In on my hair while lying on a silver mat in the backyard after slathering myself with baby oil.

 I figured it was time to leave it to the professionals.

The highlighting method my hairdresser uses on me is called Balayage, where the highlights are painted onto the hair. It lasts a super long time and you don't get an obvious line of demarcation like with foils so it grows in really well. I only need to highlight about twice a year but each month, I need to cover the gray. Even with just doing that, with the amount of hair that I have, it's pretty costly.

My hairdresser went on maternity leave and since I was too afraid to let anyone else touch my hair, I decided to try something that I read about online. It's a website called ESalon. The site was started by a former hairdresser and sells custom, salon quality haircolor for WAY less than salon prices. I took advantage of the introductory offer and paid $9.95 + shipping.

I created a profile, took a brief questionnaire and chose my haircolor. I also opted to upload a recent photo so that one of their colorists could evaluate my choice based on the photo. I'm glad I did because the colorist told me that the color I chose was too dark for my needs. I would have ended up looking like Elvira. Okay, that's not what she said, but I'm sure it's what she meant. I can read between the lines.

ESalon created my custom color and I received it in the mail about 5 days later.


It came with two sets of plastic gloves, a brush to apply the haircolor (which, by the way, is WAY easier than trying to squirt it on from a bottle), a color blocking cream (for your skin so it doesn't stain), a color removing cream (for the areas you forgot to block) and a post coloring conditioner.
Can I just tell you how much I love it!
The color is perfect, the coverage is perfect and the price is perfect. If I opt to auto-order every month, the cost is $19.95 or any subsequent individual orders for $24.95. Either choice is still a significant savings from what I normally pay to be beautiful.
 Go try this. Now!


  1. You hair looks AWESOME, Chrissy!!!!

    You GO, girl! It looks like a professional job, and that's coming from someone who used to be a professional hairstylist!

    Thank you so much for sharing this website because I had no idea something like this even existed. I might have to check it and do a review on my own blog.

    " I tried highlights was around 1980 when I sprayed Sun-In on my hair while lying on a silver mat in the backyard after slathering myself with baby oil."

    HAHAHHAHAHAHA! Me too! Except whenever I used Sun-In it made my hair turn ORANGE because I have a lot of red undertones in my hair. I ended up looking like Ronald McDonald!!!


  2. I've watched all my girls thru the years color, dye, streak and highlight their hair. Looks like a lot of heartache to me.

    I just let mine go gray and then it fell out.

    I am also the one who has to dismantle the plumbing to unstop the drain even tho I am not contributing to the stoppage.

  3. Hi Chrissy,

    I like Elvira (it's a wig, she is a redhead). Many of us have our vanities; and many of us have our "O, God, not that". As a child, i heard people worry about their hair. Grey hair never scared, nor disturbed me; baldness, well that was different. Emmy Lou Harris has always been a beauty, when that day came (it seemed to me)she allowed her hair to stay grey; and she never was a bit less of a beauty.

    When i just got my car, sometime thereafter, i drove to the Pick-n-Pay on E.185; and on that day, every check out cashier was the same shade of tacky yellow straw colored peroxide bottle blonde, each chick from her '20s to her '40s. I have to believe any natural hue would have been better.

    Not much after, there appeared the punk, and then the 'goth' girls, a different kettle of weird. Only the dye makers win.

    Now, this 'Baldrick' promotion comes around. A friend of mine has been bald since his 20s, his son has been bald since his 20s. He has said to me, that, he has 'Germanic' hair, and i have 'Slavonic'. He has pestered me, yearly, to have my head shaved. I tell him hair is a sign of freedom, that is why prisoners, and military inductees are shorn.

    Well, that is more than you needed to know.

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  5. @Ron,
    Thank you! I totally forgot you used to be a hairstylist! Yes, you should review it. I'm really impressed with the whole package from the service to the product.

    Don't let the 1970's ad I posted fool you. Sun-in made me look like Rhonda McDonald. Ugh.

    @Simply Suthern,
    It can actually be fun if you don't think of it as a chore. I've been a brunette, red head and I even had pink hair in the 80's!

    My father taught me to snake the drain. My father was follically challenged, too, and he got tired of cleaning it every week. You should teach the girls!

    That's so funny that you mention Emmy Lou. I was just saying to someone that I should let my hair grow out like Emmy Lou!

    Ah...Pick-n-Pay. Now there's a blast from the past! Are you in Cleveland now?

    Thanks for stopping by~

  6. Ah, Sun in, that takes me back to a hair disaster I had when I was about 14. I sprayed it on, sat in the garden and the only thing that got colour was my roots, so I had brown hair and Platinum roots. I had to go to school like that until I could convince my mother to get brown hair dye.

    I went to an all boys school.

  7. Hi Chrissy,

    A few blocks away.

  8. @Mind of Mine,
    Okay, this made me smile until I got to the last sentence and then I laughed out loud!

    Thanks for the follow. :-)

    I see...

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  11. @Jerry E. Beuterbaugh,
    Thanks, Jerry! :-)


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