Have a Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

If you dare.....


  1. ADORABLE photo of you, Chrissy!!!!!

    Happy Easter to you and the gang!


  2. Has there ever been an Easter Bunny costume that didn't look more than a little like a homicidal maniac? They can make all the sports mascots fun and happy, but not so much for the bunnies.

  3. That has to be the most evil Evil Bunny I have ever seen.

  4. Hell-o Kickie,

    You were a cute kid. The smile is not quite there, but you do not look displeased. Now, the bunny has a sinister stare. I, to my detriment, look for meanings; rabbits have culturally been comic tricksters, until recently when this malevolent rabbit trope surfaced, Monty Python's Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. That, or some costumes have poor tailors; because bunny puppets are sweet.

  5. Sweet Jesus, that looks like Stephen King's idea of a bunny.


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