Monday Morning Sophie

Monday, December 31, 2012

Millie got a new camera for Christmas. She's having  a little trouble centering her subjects.


  1. Millie! I forgot Millie! Shame on me! I hope the old sweetie is in fine form, and that those young scamps Dino and Vinny are keeping her on her toes. And good morning to you, pretty lady.

  2. That's okay, Millie, because when I first got my new camera I was always cutting peoples heads off in photos too.

    That is until I learned how to use that damn center icon in the frame.

    [ ]

    Happy New Year, Chrissy, Millie, Dino, Vinny and Sophie!!!


  3. Pretty good pic considering she has no thumbs.

    Happy New Year you guys.

  4. @Indigo,
    Good Morning...(blushing. Millie forgives you.

    Trial and error. Thanks, Happy New Year!

    @Simply Suthern,
    I know, right? Thanks, Happy New Year!


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