Monday Morning Chrissy

Monday, October 8, 2012

Nope. Not trying on Halloween costumes.

 Maddie was crawling over to me to say "good morning" in bed when her paw went right into my eye. I have a pretty serious scratch on my cornea but I don't think I'll look like Popeye permanently. Lucky for me that I work for an eye institute.


  1. I'd still hit it.

  2. Damn Chrissy!

    Dressed as a pirate? Would you mind if I was a bit turned on, please? Just a little. You're like a hot, shaved Snake Plissken. Keep it for Halloween, get the long black coat. Kurt Russell never wore heel with it, but you could totally pull it off. I'm just saying. Roth

    P.S. Rest up, feel better x

  3. I am thinking you better start wearing all that plastic like your sister Lisa!

  4. You are still cute, and comely; your humour is still there; but i fear you do seem accident prone. If i were to ride as your passenger, would i be free to enjoy the excursion? or would i have to kindle an intense prayer life that i have always lacked?

  5. OUCH and YAWZA…I bet that hurt, Chrissy!

    But hey, I think you look SEXY as a pirate lady!


    X to you and the gang!

  6. Haven't they taught you that lesson: "Don't snog with your dog"? ;-) Hope your eye'll get better soon. And I agree, you DO look good with that patch...

  7. @BamaTrav,
    UM, thanks?

    Gee, I guess I found my costume!

    @R. Jacob,
    Way ahead of you!

    I would start praying NOW.

    Worst pain! Now I know what our poor patients feel. Ha ha..thanks. ARGHHHH

    @Dieter Moitzi,
    Yes,maybe I need to snog with my cat. He's declawed!0..

  8. Are you supposed to be someone's blind date?

  9. @Christopher,
    LOL! How did I not think of that??

  10. Hey Chrissie! That is the hottest eye patch I have ever seen! Wait, maybe it's just you.....XOXO Tim


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