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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I got a call the other day from Tracy, the woman that I got Dino from last year. You may remember that they gave Dino away because she was having another child and his rambunctious ways were just too much for them to handle in their small home. They had another beagle, Sophie, who I remember as being older and totally mellow. She reminded me of Bernie.

So listen to this!

Now they want to get rid of Sophie because she's "too afraid of the baby now that he's walking". I'm trying not to judge but I know that beagles are known for getting along famously with children because of their gentle nature. I want to tell her to just wait out the toddler stage and everything will be fine but her husband (the one who told her to get rid of Dino) wants to take Sophie to the pound. She asked me if I would take her. Talk about bad timing! You know I love my Maddie but if Tracy had called me sooner, I would have taken her in a heartbeart.

I can't bear the thought of her going to the pound and I've asked everyone that I think would make a great dog parent if they will take her but so far, no luck. I do have  few friends checking with other family members to see if they approve but time is running out for Sophie.

I think you can see the writing on the wall. I'll probably end up taking her even though I'm already violating city ordinances by having three dogs since the limit is two. I know of a number of other people in the neighborhood who have three, even four dogs and I don't really think they enforce it unless someone complains. My neighbors are total animal people and would never do that.

What to do...what to do....


  1. Chrissy, Sophie is adorable!

    I can just see it now...

    Vinny, Millie, Dino, Maddie...and Sophie!

    X ya, girl!

  2. Let me check with my sister....she's been contemplating a dog. We're in Columbus, would you be willing to meet halfway to hand off?


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