Prison break

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Remind me to never put Dino in a pen like this!


  1. HILARIOUS, Chrissy!!!!!

    It was hysterical to watch that dog climb out of that pen!

    LOVED the Mission Impossible music. BRILLIANT!

    X to you and the gang!

  2. Looks like my son growing up. We couldnt keep him in his crib.

    Dino has it made with you. No pens for him.

  3. That is simply amazing!

  4. Ilove the little guy that puts his paw up to the door as his friend runs off! "Wait!!! What about us?!!!"

    Too cute!

  5. Dammit, this made my jaw drop. I salute the pooch!

  6. @Ron,
    Isn't this crazy? I had no idea beagles climbed like this!

    @Simply Suthern,
    Funny. Did you use an alarm?

    Nope, no pens for my babies.

    Isn't it, though?

    @Indigo Wrath,
    This is why there are so many beagles at the shelters!

  7. @f8hasit,
    Yes, that would be Millie standing there. "Hey.....come back!!"


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