Monday Morning Dino

Monday, March 26, 2012

"What's that, Mom? You're going to start jogging? Hoo hoo....ha....ha.....ha.......oh my God, that's the funniest thing I've ever heard!!! Hee hee.........Thanks, I needed that today."


  1. LOL, thats the same response I gave the doc when he suggested it to me.

  2. And I hope you did what my dog always does when I laugh at her: mope. No reason we should treat our babies any differently to how they treat us, huh? LOL

  3. Bwhahahahahahahahaha!

    Chrissy, that's freakin' HILARIOUS!

    Great photo, great caption!

    Have a faaaaaaabulous Monday, girl!

    X to you and the gang!

  4. That is such a purrrfect picture of Vinny in your sidebar!

  5. Yes start running, In the dark if you gotta but get out there. It is the runners high you need to reach for,

  6. Hey Chrissy! Running? Only to escape from things, or if the all-you-can-eat has just opened. It made me the man I am today! Yes, there's only one man in these trousers, honestly. Indigo x


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