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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm so glad I decided on a landline.

My popularity is overwhelming.


  1. I understand. The only messages we get are from hang-ups.

  2. @You get hang ups?? Jealous...

  3. I get like one call a month but I have a nine year old. It rings off the hook. Plus my MIL calls all the time.

    Me thinks you are fortunate.

    However, if it'll make you feel better, give me your number and I'll hang up on you a couple times a week.

  4. Hmmm... I'm betting if you were to put your number out here, you'd get all kinds of fun phone calls. LOL Do it!! ;)

  5. Could be MY landline. And my landline is busier than my mobile which, luckily, makes photos as well. Otherwise I'd ask myself why I own one... But I'm not a phoner, more of a talker (and don't you dare misread me and believe I'm a phoney and stalker, ma'am!).

  6. Chrissy, you crack me up, girl!

    I too own a landline, but unfortunately mine registers at least 7 a day. ALL telemarketers!


  7. At least you're "Fully Charged"...

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  9. What movie was it where Drew Barrymore complains about new technology only makes a lonely person feel even more dejected, not only does she not have messages on here answering machine, but here cell phone has no voice mail and her email inbox is empty... so she ends up feel rejected over and over.

    My phone never rings. It was out of service for over a month and NOBODY ever mentioned a thing to me about it! Muwah! ;)


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