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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Okay, I saw Kill the Irishman on Sunday and LOVED IT. I don’t know what I was thinking not getting there early. I figured it was a Sunday afternoon matinee, how busy could it be?

Gee, a movie about CLEVELAND’S most notorious gangster playing in CLEVELAND? Yep, it was a big “duh” moment for me.

There are only a few theaters that are showing it and since the closest one to me is old and small, I decided to head over to a multiplex about a half hour away. The movie started at 1:15 and that’s about the time I reached for the theater door. I was pretty proud of myself for getting there on time when I saw the huge line for the box office. Then I kicked myself for not ordering my tickets online with Fandango. Besides, it’s so fun to say.




I walked up to the window, “One for Kill the Irishman, please”. I took my ticket and headed inside. I handed the kid my ticket and he says to me, “You’ll have to wait 20 minutes before you can go into this theater.”

"What? No, the show started at 1:15.”

“That show is sold out.”

From somewhere deep inside, I must have been channeling the ghost of Danny Greene when I heard myself respond,“Why the fuck didn’t he tell me that? I’m not waiting 45 fucking minutes for a movie.”

I swear, I don’t know where it came from but I used my disgust to track down a manager who found me a seat in the “sold out” theater. I didn’t even mind that I was sitting elbow to elbow with complete strangers. I got to see my movie at the time I wanted. Capiche?

The screenwriter took some creative license as they always do to give a film better flow so some of the facts were skewed. Most disappointing was that when Danny was killed, he was actually killed in a medical building right down the street from where I live. However, the director must have felt that they wanted to keep the "mean streets of Cleveland" image going and have him blown up in an urban setting instead.

Ray Stevenson is my new crush. I don't know who he is or where he came from, but he is Yummy with a capital Y.

Ray...Ray...where have you been my whole life, baby?

Mike who?


  1. Dear Chrissy
    Does this mean it is over?
    and the letters, flowers, stalking, restraining orders, bodyguards, will now go away?
    Thank God!

  2. “Why the fuck didn’t he tell me that? I’m not waiting 45 fucking minutes for a movie.”

    "I got to see my movie at the time I wanted. Capiche?"

    *clapping thunderously*

    You GO, Chrissy! I would have reacted the same way!

    Hey, this movie sounds great! I've never heard of Ray Stevenson either, but I have to agree with Y!

    And I think you two would make a cute couple!


  3. that you have found Ray, is Sparky free?

  4. @R. Jacob,
    Yes, Mike, it's over. Besides, aren't you gay?

    I'm telling you, I just blurted it out! It was really amazing that they accomplished all that stuff without cell phones.

    We WOULD make a cute couple, wouldn't we?? ;-)

    One Irishman for one Scotsman? I think that's fair. Give me your address and I'll send him over.


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