Monday Morning Bernie

Monday, March 28, 2011

So tired....can't....lift...leg...


  1. So little to do, So much time to do it in.

  2. ALWAYS capture the most brilliant moments. And your captions are ALWAYS flawless!

    Aw....what cutie face!

    Love ya, Bern!

    Have a great Monday, girl!

    X to you, Bern, and Vinny!

  3. Makes me want to cuddle up with that one and have a lil' nap together... Although, each time I try to do it with my ol' Nina, she wiggles herself out of my embrace, then shakes as if saying 'See, now you tousled my precious hairdo!'

  4. Hi Bernie, thanks for dropping by. Sure looks comfy. If it were me, I wouldn't move either.

  5. @Simply Suthern,

    Thanks. She makes it so easy!

    I can hold her on my lap but if she's laying down and I try to lie next to her, she wiggles away, too. It has to be on HER terms. Guess us chicks are all the same. :-)

    @Kess and Her Mama,
    You're welcome. Thanks to you, too. We beagies have to stick together!


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