Mother Nature's Wrath

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Like the rest of the country, we've been experiencing weather extremes. This spring, it's been an exorbitant amount of thunderstorms with the accompanying buckets of rain.

This morning around 4AM, I was awoken yet again. Not by the rain, but by Bernie, who was frantically trying to get on the bed and hide under the covers because she heard a distant rumble of thunder.

Within 15 minutes, it was a full fledged storm. I always worry because I have so many huge trees in my yard and the largest sits right next to my garage. I cautiously peeked out this morning and held my breath for a minute until I was sure all my trees were still standing.

No such luck with the Griswold's down the road. Remember them? The family with the over the top Halloween and Christmas decorations?

Here's their front yard today.

I found the family sitting across the street in lawn chairs watching the remainder of their tree come down. Thank goodness that no one was hurt but the 3 vehicles in their driveway weren't so lucky.

This is 5 hours after the the tree company started the cleanup so you can imagine what it looked like when it first happened.

Mr. Tree Guy,

Please put your shirt on. This sight is more frightening than the damage the tree did


  1. Glad to hear you and your home survived unscathed. It has been a bad weather year.

    Sounds like you need to get Bernie some pet steps so she can get in the bed.

    I have a feeling bucket guy might be single. Just say'in.

  2. OH. MY. GOD. Chrissy!!!

    I cannot believe that TREE!!!! So glad no one was hurt at the Griswold's. It also doesn't look like a lot of damage to the house - whew!

    But, yes....tree man DEFINITELY needs to put a shirt on.


    You always KILL ME, girl!


  3. So glad noone was hurt!!! thats just crazy!!!

    and thank you shirtless tree guy, u ruined my appetite (that NEVER happens)

  4. No, I am saying you need to be more proactive.

    Wear your I should've been a stripper tee with your email and phone number.

    Guys dont read minds, You know that.

  5. Don't these guys get it? Don't they? Even at the beach that dude would be crossing the line of visual decency... NOBODY should be subject to that. And up there in the cherry picker for everybody to see? Haaaa. Then again, yeah I agree with Simply Suthern, that tee is a grand idea!

  6. Seems to be a common site this spring! My mom had the same thing happen to her house. I have a post on it too! 'Cept our tree guy was hot! And he kept his shirt on...oh the irony! ;)


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