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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Okay, so I tried working out at the gym and I hated taking the time to drive the 6 minutes to get there, I hated worrying about what I wore and I hated that every time I was there, another machine had an "out of order" sign taped to it. Yes, the membership didn't cost me a dime but even for free, I just couldn't get motivated.

So I tried P90X. Again. It really is a fantastic workout but it's a huge commitment of time since each workout is at least 60 minutes long and you're supposed to work out 6 days a week. I fell off that wagon, too.

Then I watched the new show, Losing it with Jillian. You probably know Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser. Can I tell you how obsessed I am with her?

And when I saw this?!?!

Whoa. Are these two dating? I still watch Las Vegas reruns just to see Vanessa Marcil's ass.

(Sidenote to all my new readers, No, I'm not a lesbian but I have a tendency for HUGE girl crushes.)

No, my crush isn't Vanessa, although she certainly is yummy. It's Jillian Michaels.

I know!

She's not even my type. I usually go for the trashy blonde, Pam Anderson types but there's just something about Jillian. She scares me a little but I'm not hatin' it. I joined her Facebook page along with 346,000 of her closest friends and someone mentioned her workout DVD, 30 Day Shred.

Of course, I immediately purchased it.

Number one, because it's Jillian. Duh.

And number two, because it's only 20 minutes. Yes, it's every day but it's only 20 minutes. Even I can commit to that.

It's circuit training and it has three levels. I thought that I would most likely be at level two to start. Well, I was wrong.

Level one is a lot of basic exercises: jumping jacks, squats, lunges. The sequence is 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs. Bring it, I said!

Can I just tell you that this DVD KICKED my ass? It was fantastic! Of course, the next morning, I couldn't get up from the toilet and I tried to send Bernie for help but Lassie she's not.

After 6 days, I feel fabulous.

That's right.


Chrissy Starr.

Stuck to a workout for 6 days in a row.

And I'm loving it!

Move over, Vanessa. There's going to be a new ass in town!

Okay, that didn't sound right but you know what I mean.


  1. Good for you! I tend to get HUGE girl crushes too, and yes, one of them is one Vanessa. She's such a tiny little firecracker.

  2. Excellent job! Jillian is pretty cool.

  3. That "thing" about Jillian is that she always looks like she just got laid in the back of a chevy. Who wouldn't want to "lose it" with Jillian?

  4. I have girl-crushes too and this Jillian is very yummy. Just so happens we have the same first name...pity I don't have abs that look like hers.

    Go gurl!

  5. I get girl crushes all. the. time. I can't explain it either, (because I don't think I'm a lesbian). I don't think I could get down there...

    Jillian is hot because she's like the bad boy embodied in a perfect female body. Those abs! And that tank top, the jeans, the hat... And now I have to buy her DVD, thanks Chrissy! I'll send you the bill. haha! Hopefully the DVD won't sit there with my Wii fit silently gathering dust.

    But kudos to you for sticking to it for 6 days in a row!

  6. I have a girl crush on Vanessa Marcil too. I am psyched she is coming back to General Hospital.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  7. Six days AND feelin' good?! GO CHRISSY! We're all hoping you'll show us the way and post some photos?

    As for Jillian, well damn, now I have a girlcrush. And like yourself, I don't think I'm a lesbian either. Any thoughts? ;>

    By the way, still lovin' the Hopper!

  8. I was suppose to get up this morning and go to the gym I just joined. Did I do it? Heck no. Why? Because I can do it tomorrow.

    Blah. I had no motivation, not to mention...it's so boring to me. Maybe I need to get a work out dvd with skinny, hot chicks..maybe that will motivate me, but probably not! lol

  9. I didn't know this woman, Jillian Michaels, but it sounds like she is inspiring as well as attractive. I will have to check up her DVD!

    Cinnamon's mum

  10. I am a lesbian who has huge boy crushes... what is wrong with the world ;0)

  11. YEY!!!!! Im so glad you found something you enjoy!!! I had Jillian's hot bod in a box, and that was fun too!

  12. OMG, this made me laugh my ass off....

    "I tried to send Bernie for help but Lassie she's not."


    Hey listen, I'm gay and even "I" get girl crushes! Both Jillian and Vanessa are HOTTIES for sure, so I see why!

    And you GO, girl! 6 days in a row!!! BRAVA!


  13. GOSH!! I wish we could ALL look that FAB!!!! Are "girl" crushes only on women who look FAB?? Because sometimes I just can't stop admiring just how beautiful some of these women are... I don't know if I have a "crush" on them.. but DAMN--- I sure wish I LOOKED LIKE them!!!!!

    Good going on your 6 days in a row, girl!! Now, it's probably more than that!! Yahhhoooooo!!!

  14. I started the Tracy Anderson DVD. That's presently kicking my ass to the curb...but I like it. Who knew? However the downside is, it's hard to think that I'll ever look like her. 5 foot nothing and 78 lbs. Yeah. Right.

    Keep it up! Can't wait to see the results!

  15. When I finally commit to working out again...I will have to check out the DVD! Nice, visually stimulating post :-)

  16. I would like a kick-ass body whilst doing absolutely no cardio, please. And, does that come with fries?

    Kudos to you, sweetie! 6 days in a row would be some kind of world record for me. I've seen this chick's commercials for the workout dvd...I can't stop staring at her abs...

  17. Nice!

    Jillian kind of scares me, though. I saw a clip of her on Biggest Loser where she's screaming at a fat woman and she makes Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford look sane. It scarred me for life: http://jezebel.com/5562458/woman-sobs-while-jillian-michaels-screams-at-her

  18. Jillian is one sexy beatch.
    i didn't know she was a lesbian.
    good luck on your workouts...

  19. 6 days in a row! Fuck I can't even imagine.

  20. Hmmm I may have to try this. I workout like, once a week. Maybe.

  21. I have never stuck to a work-out routine in my life.... I do go running and go for brisk walks several times a week, but any time I try the gym or a work-out DVD, I get fed up within days... Perhaps a girl crush related one is the way forward?


  22. Ooh, she IS cute. I've been training for a distance walk I'm doing, and have been feeling great, but I'm all walked out.

    Need some other form of exercise to do, I think I'll try this video out.

    Although I AM pretty lazy and have been known to give up on 10 minute workouts

  23. All I can say is this post made my night. Still smiling, you're freaking funny.


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