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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have a confession. I'm addicted to The Bachelor. For those of you who live in caves and/or are men. The Bachelor is a reality show where one hunky, frequently shirtless man is presented with 25 beautiful women who are auditioning for the role of wife. The women all step out of a limo, one by one, decked out for prom and have their 10 seconds to WOW said Bachelor with their introduction. They all go something like this:

Bachelorette #1: (Giggle, giggle squeal, as she steps out of the limo and walks toward bachelor)"Hi Jason. I'm Nikki. Oh my gosh, you're SO handsome. I'm SO happy to be here. I'm SO nervous."

Bachelor: "Hi Nikki. Don't be nervous. You look beautiful. I look forward to talking to you inSIDE", as he touches her elbow and guides her toward the door where the cocktail party will be. Each bachelorette's name, age, occupation and city of origin is placed on the screen each time they speak. "Renee, 36, jewelry designer, Beverly Hills, CA."

We, the viewers, have a fly on the wall view of every interaction between the women and with The Bachelor. From the catty behavior to the heart to heart talks with the camera, this stuff can't be scripted. It's fantastic! My favorite part is after he has a one on one conversation with a girl. The "camera" then films her talking about the interaction:

Renee, 36, jewelry designer, Beverly Hills, CA.: "Jason and I really have a connection. I could just tell by the way he looked at me and held my hand. When he kissed me, I pictured him meeting my parents. I think I could be falling for him!"

Then the "camera" films him talking about the same interaction:

Jason, Bachelor: "Renee's a nice girl but I'm just not feeling it."

Most of the women are between 22 and 36 years old so it's fun to see how they react to things differently. I think they screen out the normal people and only allow drama queens, desperate chicks and the downright whacked. Did I mention how fantastic it is?

I have to admit, this bachelor seems the most genuine to date so he's not very good at hiding his emotions. In the last episode, horse-toothed Shannon starts to cry and spout a torrent of emotions about how she wants to get to know his son and wants to go home with him now..) Jason's face says, Holy Crap, she's insane. Get her away from me. Now.

At the end of each episode, he offers the women he has an interest in getting to know better, a rose, and then sends the rest packing. They then pan to the inside of the limo where the women are crying and saying what a mistake he made by letting them go. You feel for them but then you have to wonder what kind of person goes on a reality show looking for love anyway? Oh right, desperate chicks and whack jobs.

The Bachelor. I just can't get enough of you. Will you accept this rose??

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