Warm out there today, huh?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I was just reading a list of the best or worst cities for this or that. It listed as one of the enviable amenities, warm weather. I never really thought of the weather as being an “amenity”. When I hear the word amenity, I think of hotel amenities, like a hair dryer or an ice machine. I’ve never seen a hotel website say “sunny weather included at no extra charge”.
Although, now that I say that, it’s kinda cute, isn’t it? Hey! Maybe I can sell the idea to Disney World. Don’t you dare! I thought of it first.
But to say that a city is more enviable because of warm weather makes no sense. At one time or another, we all have warm weather. I suppose the term warm is relative, too, because warm for Cleveland could be the mid 80’s while warm for Antarctica could be the 40’s. Why else would people in cold climates wear shorts when the temp hits 50 and people in warm climates put on a winter coat?
How about just saying“agreeable atmospheric conditions” and then people can interpret that however they see fit?
And why is warm better anyway? You can’t ski when it’s warm. Or build a snowman. Or go ice skating. Or get your tongue stuck to a pole. Or lose a toe to frostbite. And c'mon, everyone knows that sandals are overrated. They have no arch support, for God's sake.
My point is, the grass isn’t always greener, even when it’s greener…


  1. "When I hear the word amenity, I think of hotel amenities, like a hair dryer or an ice machine. I’ve never seen a hotel website say “sunny weather included at no extra charge”.

    Bwhahahahahahaha! OMG...that cracked me up, Chrissy! And I promise, I won't mention it to Disney because it's YOUR idea!!!!

    "And why is warm better anyway? "

    Amen and thank you! However, I think you and I are probably in the minority when it comes to feeling that way. Most people prefer warm to cold. I lived in Florida for 20 years. I'm over being warm.

    FAB post, girl!

  2. @Ron,
    I'm quite sure we're in the minority. I just took the dogs out (it's 18 degrees but "feels like 10 degrees") and it was fine. As long as you're dressed properly, it's beautiful. And the dogs just love to bury their heads in the snow and play. Can't do that on grass. I'm just sayin'... ;-)

  3. Good post! And a fresh way of looking at things. I never count on the weather. I pack for all four seasons regardless of where we are traveling. Happy New Year!

  4. @middle child,
    Happy New Year to you! Good plan. You always end up needing a winter coat and/or a bikini.

  5. I like a good mix of different weather. Seasons are great for that. I don't think I'd want to live in a place where it was warm all the time, or cold all the time. Unless there is a place that is warm 10 months out of the year, and only snows during the holidays... that would be okay too. lol

  6. @Kelli Hale,
    Hey, if you find a place like that, let me know and I'll start packing.

  7. Ahahahaha! Yes, 'warm' is definitely relative when it comes to climate. I remember how the Kiwis laughed at us English people when we arrived in New Zealand in February and got the buckets and spades out for the kids and walked around in our summer dresses. To them, it was getting decidedly chilly!

  8. @Jay at The Dep Effect,
    Yes! That happens around her in the weather when the temperature gets above freezing.


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