Can you recommend a movie, God?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A friend posted a positive review of a movie called The Letter Writer on Facebook. She said there weren’t any well known actors in it but that she had come across it on Netflix and loved it. Curious, I decided to Google it so I could get some info about it and maybe watch a preview. I scrolled down the search results and saw that it was listed on a site about Christian videos.
I scanned their list of movies, looking for The Letter Writer.
The Greatest Miracle
God’s Mighty Servant
The Flowers of St. Francis
 Finding Fatima
Anchorman 2
Anyway, here's the preview. It looks pretty good. I originally found it on GodTube but I couldn't figure out how to embed it here.
Yes, GodTube. I can't make this stuff up.


  1. Okay, I actually got teary-eyed watching this film clip, Chrissy.

    WOW! Now this looks like a movie I would absolutely LOVE! I have off this month, so I will have to head over to F.Y.E. and see if I can buy it because it's one that I'll probably want to watch many times!

    Thanks for sharing, girl!


    HA! Love it!

  2. @Ron,
    I got a little misty myself. Good for you having some time off. Enjoy it!

  3. Oh, that does look good! I might have to try it. Thanks for the trailer, and for doing all the searching for me!

  4. @Jay at the Depp Effect,
    You're welcome. I'm anxious to see it, too. Thanks for visiting!


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