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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We had an awesome time in Florida! It was SO good to get away and not think about work or packing or anything.

My friend Nancy and I stayed with my cousin, Marcy, in Sarasota.

Me and Marcy

Her new house is STUNNING. I mean, how many people have a pool AND a lake in their backyard?

She and her husband, Dave, were the MOST gracious hosts.

We flew into Tampa on Thursday and the first thing we did was stop at International Plaza, which is an upscale mall and shopping center right by Tampa International Airport. Customer service is dead most places but it was alive and well at the International Plaza. They even laid out a red carpet for us!

Isn't Marcy a doll?

Saturday, we hit Siesta Key beach.

Me and Nancy

It was overcast but I came armed with my SPF 30 and an umbrella.

I'm pretty sure my downfall was spending a little too much time in the water talking to some some guys we met from Akron and not enough time reapplying sunscreen.

Don't get excited...

There was no love connection but I did find out that I can fly from Youngstown to Florida for about $150 roundtrip. Now, THAT'S exciting! We flew out of Akron, which is almost as far as Youngstown and I thought I was getting a good deal at $250 roundtrip. See? Everyone comes into our life for a reason.

I got COMPLETELY roasted and looked like a lobster by the end of the day.

Luckily, the aloe vera plant on the side of Marcy's house offered some relief.

Friday night, Marcy's friends joined us and they were SUCH a nice group of women and so much fun! We went to St. Armands Circle for dinner and some window shopping (most shops were closed by the time we finished dinner).

Saturday we rented a boat and our captain, Nancy, guided us along Sarasota Bay.

The homes were AMAZING but this one was our favorite.

"Honey, where did you leave the boat?"

"It's on the deck."

"Okay, I see it now."

Oddly enough, there was NO ONE outside any of them. I guess they're spending too much time working to pay for these 3 million dollar plus homes to actually enjoy them.

Here's my bruise from trying to get back INTO a boat that didn't come equipped with a ladder.

We were all less than graceful getting back in and I'm quite sure the video is somewhere on You Tube as we speak. This time I used SPF 30, wore a hat, a T shirt and sunglasses but STILL got more fried.

I should have known that the vultures at mile marker number 13 couldn't have been a good sign!

Marcy said that her husband Dave was going to grill for us on Saturday night so I figured (VERY wrongly) that he would make steaks and baked potatoes. You know, typical guy fare. Well, this was before I knew that he went to culinary school. We dined on scallop and crab appetizers, filet, asparagus and sweet potatoes. WOW! It was DE-licious.

All in all, we had a really fun time but was I happy to leave and come home to my babies?

What do you think?


  1. welcome home,

    All American girl. Red, White and Blue.

    Sounds like you had a really nice time. I bet the kids really missed you.

    Hope the burn has eased.

  2. Welcome back!

    Yaaaaaay! I was SO waiting for this post, Chrissy!

    OMG, Stacy's house is freakin' faaaaaaabulous! LOVE the pool area!

    *waving at you and Nancy*

    You guys looked like you were having such a great time.

    HOLY SHIT...I can't believe how BURNT you got. Oy che mamba....I bet that hurt! God love, aloe vera.

    It's funny, having lived in Florida for 20 year, I think I've only been to Sarasota once or twice, but never got the chance to really see it. It looks beautiful.

    And that food looks beyond yummy!

    "We dined on scallop and crab appetizers, filet, asparagus and sweet potatoes."

    WOW is right!

    So glad you had a great time in my old home State.

    "Was I happy to leave and come home to my babies?"

    Ain't that the truth?

    There's no place like home! And I bet your babies were so happy to see ya!

    Thanks so much for sharing, girl. Really enjoyed!

    X to you and the gang!

  3. @Simply Suthern,
    Thanks, good to be back! Yes, I AM red, white and blue! The pain just started subsiding yesterday and now I'm peeeeeling. It's a lovely look.

    We did have a great time and Sarasota was beautiful but I was ready to come home by Sunday. I did think about you, though, I don't know how you tolerated that heat year round!

  4. That firs picture is amazing. Are you reverse-aging, like the aliens on mork and mindy?

  5. I meant first. I am so glad only you know who i am...

  6. Sounds like a GREAT trip! Sorry about the bruise. Trust me, I totally sympathize with you about boats bruising you. I'm constantly hitting body parts on harder unforgiving boat parts.

    You look so happy in these pictures! That makes me happy for you, see, I'm even smiling and feeling all oowey goowey good right now!

  7. Nice trip! And sure reminds me that I need to make a Florida trip myself!
    Glad you had a good time.

  8. Hey Chrissy! Looks like a fun week with fab company! But as you say, oh-so-lovely to come home =) Indigo x

  9. @Thanks, "Anonymous"! ;-)

    @Nikki Rules,
    Thanks, sweetie! Yes, I'm in a good place right now. I'm starting to feel like my old self again.

    @The former 'moustache man',
    Love the new moniker!

    Yes! Next time, you should join us.

  10. Hi Chrissy-I'm new here. I stumbled onto your blog a couple weeks ago and have enjoyed a few posts. Love it. You have a great sense of humor.

    Love the pics from the vacation. Your burn made me cringe.

  11. Hi LG! Welcome! Thanks for the kind words. My "peel" would make you cringe, too. Will it never stop?


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