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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm really excited to tell you guys about this new website that I started! I got the idea for it about a year ago but life got in the way and I became sidetracked. Even now, I haven't had much time to focus on it with trying to get the other house in order before I move in.

As you are well aware, I have a mild obsession with dieting.

0kay, HUGE obsession with dieting.

In addition to being employed with a few of the national weight loss programs in the past, I think I've tried every diet and/or exercise program out there over the years.

My secondary obsession is with reading before and after stories about how people lost weight and marveling at their pictures. One day as I was searching the web for even more pictures and stories, I realized that no one SINGLE site existed where I go for this information so I decided to make one!

And that's when my idea was born. It's a social networking site for diet and exercise fanatics called My Weight Makeover.

I get to combine my love of writing with my obsession for HOW DID THEY DO THAT??

A free membership allows users to post profiles and upload before and after pictures of themselves to motivate and inspire others. Each member shares the program and/or exercise plan that helped them achieve their goal. I took the original concept and expanded it to encompass diet and exercise advice, community message boards, low cal recipes and celebrity weight loss successes.

I'm kind of in a chicken and egg situation now. I want to promote it to get more users but I don't have enough users now so I don't want people to come to the site and say, "Well, there's nothing really here."

So I reach out to you, dear friends, to help me get the word out and/or point me in the direction of someone who can show me what to heck to do. Now keep in mind that I don't have a large marketing budget but I do give a mean lap dance.

Thanks in advance!!


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaay! I was waiting with baited breath when you were going to make the announcement to your readers about your new project!!!!

    And hey, readers, I've already visited the website and it's faaaaaaaaabulous. So, please go check it out.

    Chrissy, again, I think this is an awesome idea you had and I think it's gonna ROCK!


  2. @Ron,
    Thank you, Ron! You're my biggest fan and I love you!!

  3. Love the site!! Such a good idea. You have been shared on Facebook. lol I'll also give you a little blurb on my blog this afternoon. :)

  4. Cool! I'll put the link up on my Derbalife site and see if there's any takers there!

    Good luck Chica!

  5. @Sunny Dee,
    I'm so glad you love it! Thanks for your support!! :-)

    @Nikki Rules,
    Thanks, Darling Nikki! xoxo

  6. Hey Chrissy!

    Well played. Basil and myself salute you.


  7. Hey btw, do you have one of those phone app's for the whole tracking your calories and exercise thingy? I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app. And I love it. I think I'm addicted to it. As soon as I eat something or lift something else I rush to add it and see where I'm at. And it can scan the barcodes on food too. How SWEET is that? It totally keeps track of everything for you... I love it, I do, I really love it!

    p.s. I took a before pic, how do people get the guts to publish those pics? Blech! I look like I have a sack of Jell-O hanging out my belly!

  8. @IndigoWrath,
    Thank you, Basil. Now if I could just stop eating pretzel M&M's...

    I'll have to see if I can get that. Mine's a Windows phone so it doesn't have all the same apps.

    Post your profile on my site. PLLLLEEEAAASSEEE!!

    That's so funny. I actually told someone that when I laughed the other day, my belly shook like a bowl full of jelly. Jelly, Jell-O,same thing.


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