Hollywood comes to Cleveland

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Greater Cleveland Film Commission has been working tirelessly to convince the producers of a variety of different mediums to work here in Cleveland. The benefit to them is the tax incentive.

The Ohio Film Tax Credit provides for a refundable credit against the corporation franchise or income tax for motion pictures produced in Ohio. The term "motion picture," as utilized within the context of the legislation, is broadly defined and means entertainment content created in whole or in part within the State of Ohio for distribution or exhibition to the general public.

The benefit to Cleveland is the money that they invest in the region, employing hundreds of Ohio-based cast and crew, and using local service and supply vendors.

Oh and did I mention, it's WAY cool!

This summer, they're filming the comic book super hero adventure, The Avengers. This has caused major roads in the downtown area to be closed but nobody seems to mind because it's WAY cool.

Here are some photos from the filming.

Poor Chris Evans wearing this heavy suit in stifling temperatures.

Hey, this is my bank!

I wonder if it's too late to be an extra??


  1. Oh, sod wanting to be an extra! You might wanna wait for them to do "Wonderwoman" in Ohio, and then, aim for the main role! You'd be fabulous, betcha! Sorry for your bank, though. I hope you didn't put all your savings into it before it was destroyed, lol ;-)

  2. Oh, Chrissy, this is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY cool!

    LOVE these photos. And how exciting that your bank got in the movie!!!

    And I have to agree with Dieter Moitzi's comment about Wonderwoman. You'd be faaaaaaaaaabulous in that role, girl!

    Roll 'em! Action!

    Have a great day!


  3. Way cool, my dear. Did you see Captain America yet? T

  4. My oldest daughter was an extra in "Talledega Nights"(Yea I know,not exactly a cinematic masterpiece) but she had a great time.

    My middle girl goes to school in Wilmington, NC. They film "One Tree Hill" on the campaus and let students in some shots.

    They might also shoot some weather footage there if Irene comes ashore as forecast.

  5. @Twilight Gazing,

    @Dieter Moitzi,
    Funny! You're too kind. I SO wanted to be Wonder Woman growing up!

    Neat, isn't it? You guys probably get this excitment all the time, huh?

    @Simply Suthern,
    Gosh, my story pales in comparison now.


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