Lunches with Lisa

Monday, April 19, 2010

Since I've been traveling to satellite locations more often, Lisa usually sends me an email me to check if I'm going to be at the hospital for lunch.

She emailed Thursday.

Are you here? Can you do lunch?

Yep. Here all day.

Wait till you hear this one!

I walked up to the lunch table and Lisa was shaking her head and smiling.

"You've never heard anything like this before."

I was intrigued because Lisa has some great stories so if she thinks it's unique, it must be.

A woman (we'll call her Mrs. Smith) came into Lisa's office for a surgery consultation and after Lisa took her medical history, Mrs. Smith mentioned that since her mother passed away, she keeps something of her mother's with her at all times.

Lisa raised her eyebrows and tilted her head at me.

"What? You wear grandma's wedding band." I pointed out to Lisa. "That's not so unusual. People do that all the time."

Lisa held her hand up,"Can I finish? Just wait.."

She proceeded to tell me that Mrs. Smith explained to her that she and her mother had never been particularly close and that she had asked the funeral home to give this to her without her siblings knowledge. She said that initially she felt a little guilty, but 15 years later, she was glad that she had part of her mother with her.

"I feel like she's with me every day. We've traveled to California and last year, we went to Niagara Falls. It's like she gets to see all these places that she never got the chance to go to."

"That's really nice," Lisa replied, "I'm glad that you can take comfort in that."

"Would you like to see it?" Mrs. Smith asked.

"Certainly. That would be lovely."

Lisa expected Mrs. Smith to bring out a ring or some other type of family heirloom and she leaned in a little closer to her as she lifted a small box out her purse.

"Here, let me open it for you." Mrs. Smith whispered.

Lisa's eyes grew a little wider as she stared at it. "Oh my. It's so blue."

I swear, I cannot make this stuff up.


  1. That's insane! A funeral home gave her the eyeball? Only Stephen King could make this kind of stuff up. People are weird... wow.

  2. LOL, What do you say when someone shows you that? Well after you recover from the shock. Oh My, what a blue eye you have? I spose she can't see going anywhere without it.

  3. Wow. She could have it made into a paperweight. That's soo cool. I'm off to dig up all my dead relatives right now. Shovel CHECK, Knife CHECK, Crowbar (some coffins are a bitch) CHECK, Portable Refrigerator CHECK. See yah.

  4. OH. MY. GOD.

    That's all I can say.

    OH. MY. GOD.

    Pretty blue, though.


    Thanks for the Monday morning laugh, girl!


  5. well,, know,.... mom is keeping an eye on her.

  6. That is not okay. How creepy! And strange. I can not wrap my mind around that!! Haha! Wonder what give her the idea to do something like that...

  7. I'm guessing...I'm HOPING it was a glass eye?haha

    I guess she does get to see all the cool places she didn't get to when she was alive.

  8. Umm, is Lisa sure the lady is not a serial killer and that the blue eyeball is not a trophy?

  9. What?! That's not legal. Is it?

  10. Oh, my. And looking at that photo, I could swear I saw the pupil getting larger.....

    Creepy. But fabulous story!

  11. @Marie,
    I know!Isn't that against funeral home ethics or something??

    @Bombshell BLISS,
    I agree!

    @Simply Suthern,
    Yes! She takes it out of her purse so her mother can "see" different places.

    A paperweight would be a good idea but I don't think she would get that through airport security.

    You said it. OMG

    @insomniac ellen,
    HA! Yes, she sure is. I wonder if this woman is married.

    @Ashley S.
    I know. Never would have crossed my mind.

    @Judge Fudge,
    Yep, pretty blue glass. That's exactly what she said. She takes it out and moves it around to show her places.

    @Extra Ordinary Me,
    YYYYUUPPP. That sums it up.

    @Funny Girl,
    Oh, geez. I never thought of that!

    I can't imagine it is. What would airport security say?

    Yes, isn't it a great story?

  12. Holy monkeyballs! I would've freaked out if someone showed that to me!

  13. Kathryn,

    The pupil only dilates when mama's stoned.


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