How sweet the sound

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I've always been mesmerized by crickets. I look forward to late August when they start singing their beautiful melodies that lull me to sleep. I even have a "cricket" option on my sound machine. 

Now there's additional proof of just how amazing their melodic harmony is. I just turned around and saw Dino standing at the door, head tilted to the side. He likes it, too!

Take a listen~


  1. Chrissy, that's AMAZING! And you're right, there is something so melodically harmonic about the sound of crickets.



  2. Isn't it incredible? I knew you would like it. :-)

  3. A chorous of chrickets outside is soothing. A single cricket in the house is torture.

    I had to work in Little Rock, Arkansas for a week. Dont know if it was mating season for crickets or they had just watched Alfred Hitchcocks, "The Birds" but they swarmed outside my room. A couple got into the AC unit and sang all nite. I got no sleep.


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