Monday Morning Chrissy

Monday, May 6, 2013

I gave my two week notice at work on Friday.

It feels like a cross between jumping off a cliff and flying.


  1. Congratulations! You said you were feeling unhappy at work and now you've taken a positive step to deal with that. Adventurous times ahead I suspect. Good luck.

  2. @Mark,
    Thanks! Yes, I've been miserable, that's for sure. We'll see where the road takes me!

  3. Good luck too you on this new adventure. Not really surprised after some of your posts. Do you have specific plans or oportunities lined up or are you just winging it?

    If the Rocketts saw your knees recently they would prolly worry about you tripping and knocking over the whole chorus line. Just say'in. LOL

  4. Wow! Exciting times. Will you now be executive director of beagle ranch, Cleveland branch?? (If only that paid well, right?!)



    "It feels like a cross between jumping off a cliff and flying."

    Yes, I know that feeling oh so well! But you did the right thing, I know you did!

    ((((((( You ))))))))

    X to you and the gang!

  6. Now you can concentrate on you and what makes you happy. Congrats Chrissy!!!

  7. @Simply Suthern, that's chorus line thing isn't gonna work out. I'm winging it for the summer.

    @Teresa Rhyne,
    Yes! That's my new title only, like you said, it's an unpaid internship. :)

    Thank you! I'm so excited! Can't wait to have some time to breathe....

    Thank you, Vernon!

    @Travel Girl,
    Thanks! It feels like my next chapter!

  8. Well the kids should be excited.

    I'm tickled for you.

  9. Hell-o Christine,

    As someone who has been a disposal member of the labor force, i can tell you, i have never regretted quitting a job. Even being dismissed from an unpleasant job is liberating. The form of the dismissal is sometimes gravely disgusting, but the release is the unburdening of a great weight. Some jobs, when i knew the end was coming, the last days i was with lightened spirit.

    Of course the big drawback is finances, if you learned to squirrel away you will be all right. Often not working, you will have less expenses and the freedom to do what you please, and the freedom to do nothing at all is enjoyable.

    But American culture demands that one works and makes money (only some of which comes to you). This pushes one to depression. No, think of freedom. When work is like slavery, and emotional torture — Deliverance, precious release, is what one needs.

  10. Hey Chrissy! As someone who did the same, I salute you. The next great adventure! We'll be sharing meths under the freeway in no time ;) x Indigo

  11. @Simply Suthern,
    Yes, the kids will be thrilled!

    Amen! I need to do this for my sanity, if nothing else. Everything will work out fine. Thanks!

    @Indigo Roth,
    Thank you! I'll bring the malt liquor tall boys. You know, after I wake up at noon. ;-)

  12. Hey girl, just checking in and seeing what's new. I guess that's big news! Good luck!!!!!!

  13. @Julie,
    Hey, Julie! I know, can you believe it? Thanks. I'm uber excited! :-)


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