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Thursday, June 7, 2012

I work for one of the largest healthcare systems in Northeast Ohio but, unfortunately, we don't have a burn center. Luckily, Cleveland is also home to a Comprehensive Burn Care Center and that's where I headed today.

I've been changing the gauze and dressing on my leg daily. I have to remove it, apply an antibiotic ointment and redress. I keep thinking that I've taped it well until I start walking and the dressing falls to the ground like an oversized granny panty.

Hospitals that specialize in trauma or burns are disgusted by the level of care that you receive at a suburban hospital like the one I was treated at the other night. She was appalled that they didn't tell me to immediately follow up with a burn center but merely "suggested" it.

Luckily, I had no signs of infection so she popped all the blisters and peeled the skin off. After she removed all the skin, she washed the area. And yes, it hurt like a mother! We talked about a few different options for treatment and I opted for wearing an antibiotic pad that covers my whole thigh. The only downside to this is that I can't get it wet so I am actively seeking volunteers for sponge bath duty.

When I got home, my neighbor came and knocked on the door. "Did you see your bedroom screen?"

Apparently, Dino broke through the screen and was halfway out when a neighbor saw him. They pushed him back in and shut the window. This is what I need to do to my windows.

I was avoiding putting Dino back on meds but it might be time. I don't need anymore stress right now. Oh, and did I mention, it's one of my NEW windows? Mmmm hmmm.

To add more injury to injury, I just woke up at 8:30PM from my drug induced bliss and was shuffling into the kitchen to get the dogs leashes to take them out. You know that metal strip that they put at the edge of rooms to hold down the flooring? Well, my metal strip had a nice big nail sticking out of it that sliced the bottom of my foot open. I'm sure my neighbors all heard me yell, "Are you freakin' kidding me???"

Ah...when it rains, it pours.


  1. "The only downsize to this is that I can't get it wet so I am actively seeking volunteers for sponge bath duty."

    HA! Chrissy, you crack me up, girl!!!

    I'm glad to hear that your burn is being taken care of. And yes, it is appalling that the hospital you initially went to didn't insist on following it up with a burn center. I can't believe that?!?

    "Well, my metal strip had a nice big nail sticking out of it that sliced the bottom of my foot open. I'm sure my neighbors all heard me yell, "Are you freakin' kidding me???"


    Isn't it something how everything seems to happen all at once? This is how was for me two years when I had one tooth abscess after another. I was ready to just pull all my teeth out and get DENTURES!

    Sorry to hear about Dino, but I think you're right. It's probably time to start the meds again because you don't need any more stress.

    Sending ya a BIG hug....

    ((((( You )))))


  2. When it pours! And as for gross, do not go over to my blog because I posted a picture of my son who is having surgery tomorrow AM.
    I had to go to your last post to see what had happened. I agree that dulauded is awesome!!!! You must be in terrible pain. I hope you are able to sleep.
    BTW, I am impressed that you do your own stunts but could you put in the stunt girl for awhile? Thanks. Now I won't worry so much.

  3. I hear y'a, I'm falling apart too, but obviously not as bad as you are. Hurry and bounce back and please be selective on who you choose to do the sponging off.

    Take care!

  4. You must be doing a good job keeping it from becoming infected. Glad you went to the burn center.

    I'm sure you wont have a problem finding someone to sponge you off. I'll call your old neighbor Jim. I'm sure he'll help.

    Sounds like you have some nice new neighbors.

    Dino is a mess aint he. i think he he jealous that Vinny gets to get out.

    Get well soon.

  5. Dino is having a bit if a break down. I agree with SImply Suthern maybe he is jealous that Vinny goes out and is like man why can't I be a freaking cat. Maybe Dino needs Doggy reassignment surgery....lolol. I do hope you are feeling better and you have received plenty of sexy sweet sponge baths.


  6. That sounds like a carpet tack strip. Get well soon.

  7. I am on the way with lotions and cold compresses. and a hammer for that nail...

  8. Did you really yell "Are you frekin' kidding me?"?

    Maybe it's only me with borderline Tourette's.

  9. Good grief Chrissy, you have been in the wars. I hope the day finds you better. As for your mad mutt, I blame the cat that tormented him. Yeah, Vinny, that means YOU! Indigo x

  10. Ah, Chrissy. Sorry to hear about the burns. You're handling it with humor, per usual. You will be healed up in no time. B. (formerly Armed with Vitriol)

  11. You gotta be shittin' me!!!

    Fuck that is serious bad luck.

  12. You yelled "freakin'?" I usually use that in my blog, but in reality, I'm using the other word. ;)

    I would have been on the floor while blisters were being popped then washed!!

    I really need Cam on meds... what do you suggest? My vet won't do it, so do I just find another vet for that reason alone? WIll it work? I need this baby boy medicated.

    I hope you're feeling better on all fronts!

  13. Yeah, I would NOT have said freaking, and there would have been NO QUESTION that the neighbors would have heard me. OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH. See? It hurts and I'mm all the way in another state. Your neurotic dog sounds like he needs tranq darts as much as meds!


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