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Saturday, February 18, 2012

I finally moved.

Sort of....

A little background for some of my newer readers. I lost both of my parents in the last year and a half and they left their home to my sister and I. We weren't really ready to sell it so I decided to buy out Lisa, move into it and rent mine out. It's got more space and since mine is pretty updated already, I figured it would be easier to rent and then sell when the market turns.

Mom died last March and it's been a long emotional road to get here. The first thing was clearing out their house and deciding what to keep, sell or donate. I did it all myself because Lisa just couldn't bring herself to even set foot in the house. I rolled up the oriental rugs, refinished the floors and painted the walls so it no longer looks like 1970 when you walk in. I'll have to take some pictures to show you once I'm settled.

Friday, the 17th was scheduled as my moving day but I guess I waited too long to set up the transfer of my TV and internet because I'm now sitting in the office of my otherwise empty house, writing this post because I won't have internet until February 29!! Originally, they gave me a mid March date for installation but since I threatened to go to another provider, they were suddenly able to find me a sooner date.

I'm sure I'll be much more productive with unpacking since I won't have any distractions but it was so weird to be there last night without a TV or computer. I was ready to go to sleep at 7:30!

Instead of hiring movers, Manly Man helped me. Remember Manly Man? I met him in 2009 when he was separated but he (OF COURSE) went back to his wife. He's a firefighter and as many firefighters do, he has a side business as a handy man so I've used him for jobs around the house in the last few years and my sister, Lisa, has too.

There's still an attraction between us but, alas....he's just my Eldon and I'm his Murphy Brown. The best I can do is take furtive pictures of him on my camera phone and later fantasize about him.

Here he is carrying me into the house so he can have his way with me. What do you mean, that's not what you see? Close your eyes and try again.

Here he is, naked, and reaching for something in the pantry.

I better go finish fantasizing  unpacking now.



  1. hahaha. I for sure saw him carrying you into the house. That one of him naked was a little hard to see tho. :)

  2. Congratulations on taking a huge step. Love you.xxoo

  3. I'm really sorry about the loss of your parents, and then that you had to sort and handle it alone. :(

    You did actually make a great move financially, and with having "Eldon" help you move. I mean, you had a LOT of time to fantasize last night, and those pictures will totally help with that. He has a nice ass. At least it looks like it in those jeans... so I can imagine how nice it is without jeans! ANYWAY... LOL. Woohoo! Have fun fantasizing and unpacking. No distractions!! Except your fantasies.... or a real one, or whatever.

  4. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new place. And I hope Dino is through his destructive stage now!

  5. A HUGE congrats on getting moved in!!!!

    Yikes! I cannot believe they were actually expecting you to wait until the middle of MARCH to get connected?!?!? Glad you to hear you threatened to switch providers. Isn't if funny how accommodating companies will be when they fear they'll lose you? Good for you!

    "Here he is, naked, and reaching for something in the pantry.

    I better go finish fantasizing unpacking now."

    HA! That CRACKED ME UP!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing photos of your new place!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, girl!

    X to you, Millie, Vinny, and Dino!

  6. Some imagination you have there.

    Congrats on the move.

  7. A wonderful post as always. Proud for you, getting the move started. It can't be easy, but I hope once you're settled in you can feel a little extra love from your parents.


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