Someone has a Guardian Angel

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You know what a stickler I am for home security. I guess it's just force of habit after 20 years of living by myself.

Holy crap...20 years...

I have three doors in my house: the front door, side door and the door off the deck. Each night, I check that each door is locked and that the deadbolt is secure. I was sure to buy a house with a second floor master so that I wouldn't have to worry about leaving my windows open at night and having someone climb in and kill me.

Of course, the last two weeks have been insanely hot so the thought of even leaving any windows open hasn't crossed my mind. My air conditioning and ceiling fans have been working overtime and may I say, they've done a spectacular job.

Take a bow, A/C and Hunter ceiling fans. clap...clap...clap...

Still, I was really distressed when Bernie and I were out walking a few days ago and one of my neighbors told me that the house across the street from her was broken into and robbed.

In the middle of the day, no less! On my street!

No need to panic, I suppose. I mean, I have all the proper security measures in place.

Home security system, with sign visible to deter potential burglars. Check!

Steel doors with deadbolts. Check!

Security latches on all windows. Even the upstairs ones. Check!

Vicious guard dog. Check!
Oh, who am I kidding? She's practically a stuffed animal.


So far, this seemed to be working pretty well but last night, there was just one little thing I forgot to do.

Take my key out of the front door.

Then, as I walked around the house in a panic this morning, I realized that all of my windows have been unlocked since the last cool day when I had them open.

Which was TWO WEEKS ago!

Did I mention that these front screens just push right out? Yes, they're in the front of the house but I'm sure it would be much easier to do under the cloak of darkness. You know, since the streetlight in front of my house is burned out.

Good Lord, it was the perfect storm!

I think someone's looking out for me, don't you?


  1. ABSA Damn Lootly! Lucky gurl. I've also left my keys hanging in our front gate. I blamed it on porridge brain at the time - now I have no excuse.

    I am horrified by your guard dog - she looks so vicious - like she could maul your face right off!

  2. If I aint mistaken, this is the second time so far this year you have left your keys in the door.

    Best be careful. I didnt see the string across the steps tied to cans alarm so you arent fully protected.

  3. "Vicious guard dog. Check!
    Oh, who am I kidding? She's practically a stuffed animal."


    You and I are so much alike when it comes to security. I check my apartment door lock like THREE times before I get in the elevator to go to work in the morning. Talk about OCD! And before I go to bed I also check the lock like FIVE times to make sure no one can get in during the middle of the night and murder me HA!

    I hear ya about your ceiling fans. I have one in my apartment and it's been a godsend this summer. It goes 24 hours day.

    I can't WAIT for Fall!


  4. I think you were protected by your ninja dog.

  5. That Bernie... the most innocent dogs do go all Cujo when their owners are away. I've seen my sweet Lab totally turn into Friday-the-13-psycho-killer with mask and all one time when I was home sick, I never believed my mailman, but then had to re-consider his accusations.

    I'm sure Bernie is (could be) the same... Sweet innocent eyes... Always a killer...

  6. It's funny how circumstances can change our obsessive behaviors. During the worst of our ongoing heat waves this year, I was less concerned with locking my apartment door if I was going to do laundry, for example, as if all bets were off, as if there was some unwritten rule that thieves would not rob me when the humidex pushes 100. Strange. Maybe it's a form of temporary brain damage? lol.

  7. This is the second picture I've seen of your keys dangling from your door. I think you have a problem, Chrissy.

  8. Why bother with keys? Especially since you hve a mental block about removing them. Just leave the doors locked and start going in and out of the house through the screens.

    You must still think you live on the westside.

  9. Thank God for your guardian angel b/c Bernie is way too cute to be a vicious guard dog. :)


  10. The inside of your home is lovely at night, and might I add, thanks for leaving the windows open... and the bagel.

    Alright, yes I break into peoples houses, eat their food and use their toilet. Don't judge me.

  11. Oh, CRISSY! This completely FREAKED ME OUT! You might just as well have a "Welcome Robbers...jewels are on the second floor...please step over the dog-disguised-as-a-stuffed-animal in the hallway" sign.


    Can I add another "check"? Motion-sensor lights? Do you have those??


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