Oh no, he DI-INT!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I canNOT get enough of this train wreck! So happy they aren't Democrats.

And just like that, it's over. Again. Less than a month after announcing they were back together and engaged, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have called it quits for the second time.

"It's over. I broke up with him," Palin says. She tells People Magazine's Sandra Sobieraj Westfall that she dumped her baby daddy the same day they announced their reunion in an US Weekly cover story.

That evening, Johnston broke the news that he may have gotten another girl pregnant, and then subsequently flew to Los Angeles, where he's set to film a music video in which he plays a boyfriend warring with his girlfriend's mother. (Hmmm, where have we heard that before?)

Palin says she's seen Johnston just once in the last three weeks. "He's just obsessed with the limelight, and I got played," she said, tearfully.

In a statement, Sarah Palin tells People, "I wish for Bristol to be able to move forward in life with her same forgiving, gracious, optimistic spirit, but from henceforth she'll know to trust but verify. Bristol is strong, she is independent, and she knows what is right for her son."


  1. Yep, me too! If they were Democrats, not to mention if they were not WASPs, what would the Republicans be saying???? This kills me, but hey, more material for blogging, right?

  2. Hey Chrissy! What, so famous people can date emotionally stunted morons too? There's hope for me yet!


    Indigo x

  3. @Leah Rubin,
    I know! They would be like, There goes those immoral Democracts again!

    Yes, there are plenty to go around.

  4. Seems to me Levi's been pretty liberal with his johnson. Repulican Party, Democratic Party, Sorority Parties.

  5. @Simply Suthern,
    Why didn't I think of that?? :-)

  6. "Trust but verify"???

    Typical Palin double-talk. Can't have it both ways. "I trust you, but um, I'm gonna double-check anyway, 'kay?"

  7. Dammit! I had just now picked out my dress for the wedding. NOW what am I gonna do with a turquoise frilly dress with a matching parasol? I knewit was gonna be a bad day...

  8. He needs to be punched...hard...in the scrotum.

  9. @Miss Nikki - FUCK, we had the same dress! I guess it's a good thing the wedding was canceled because that could have been majorly embarassing.


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