Monday Morning Chrissy

Monday, July 14, 2014

See? Even God thinks so!


  1. Bwhahahahahhahahaha!

    Chrissy, have I ever told you how MUCH I LOVE your sense of humor?

    I DO!

    Great one, girl! Have a super Monday!

    X to you and the gang!

    1. Ha ha! Birds of a feather, baby.

      It was crazy because I had just told someone of my intentions but I have SO much to work out before I go that I started doubting myself. And then I saw this sign as I was heading to the pet store!

      Thanks, you too! Rain AGAIN here..

  2. You sure that wasnt intended for LeBron?

  3. Hi there. I pop into blogger now and then. Not to update my own, mind you, I'm too lazy for that. But to check in on some of my favorites. Sounds like you're doing great. And lookin' good too. Glad you're still around. Just a word on moving south... While the weather is better south, it's no guarantee. I live in Va beach. We still get snow, and crazy rain storms. Plus hurricanes. But the winters ARE much nicer overall.

    1. Hi Missy! Nice to see you!

      I hear ya. My neighbor used to live in Miami and he said the same thing. The way I see it is, a little snow (the avg is 1.5 inches where I intend to move) compared to a foot each time for 6 months, is fine with me. As far as hurricanes go, there's plenty of time to plan and evacuation if need be, whereas, we got two tornadoes last week and all you got was a storm siren 20 minutes before it hit.

      See? I want those nice winters!!


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