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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Okay, I'm not sure if anyone is left out there listening anymore but lots has been happening! Here are the highlights. 

  • I quit one of my three jobs (Hallmark store) but started working more at one of the others. I now work about 35 hours a week, although, everyone still thinks "I'm SO lucky because I only work part-time." Well, not really..
  • I hired a "professional" to format my book for publication on Amazon. I got lots of quotes from all around the world but decided to go with the 'Murican.
  • Big mistake. She kept submitting completely wrong versions to me and told me "I'm not a mind reader", even though I gave her the jpg's of the illustrations, the text in a Word doc and PDF sample of EXACTLY how it was supposed to look and it SO did not.
  • Three weeks later (my fault for waiting so long), I told her I didn't have time for her to keep trying to get it right and that I wasn't going to pay her. 
  • She disputed it, escalated it to arbitration and then deleted all the evidence of her shoddy work before the arbitrator could see it. Duh.
  • Did I prevail? Oh, yes I did! Booyah, bitch!
  • Hired a guy from Romania who did the formatting correct the first time. Oh, and did I mention that it only took him an hour and half? Here's the link:

He Chose Me on Amazon

  • I've been busily (is that a word??) sending copies of my book to shelters and rescues and I've been getting great feedback! I took a copy in to show co-workers and ended up selling a bunch.
  •  I'm super excited that this Friday I was invited to do a guest blog for a national senior dog organization, The Grey Muzzle Organization! They raise money and distribute it, via grants, to animal welfare organizations and rescue groups. All of their money is raised through public donations and goes toward helping to build programs around the country that meet special needs of senior dogs. The post will be on their website's blog and their Facebook page. I'll share it with you on Friday!
  • I've lost 15 pounds! Still have a ways to go but I've tossed my fast food habit and I'm back at the gym 5 days a week. Baby steps...
  • I have a new hairdo. See selfie below. Sorry it's so fuzzy. I think I have the one iPhone with a crappy camera. Hey, look! My chubby cheeks ain't as chubby anymore!

  • Last, but not least, this past winter killed me with all the stinking snow and I've decided to make a MAJOR relocation move next year! I have to get all my ducks in a row so that's why my goal is next year. Some may call it a mid-life crisis (I just turned 48) but I call it a fresh start. You'll hear more about this as the year goes by.  All I'll say is that I'm moving south....
I promise to catch up on all of your blogs this week! I've missed you guys!


  1. 'ell-o Chrissy,

    A lot of stuff, news, and surprises. Cute foto, it looks a bit like local teevee reporter, Stacey Frey. Y'no, there is less snow on the west side.

    "I'm not sure if anyone is left out there listening anymore", sure they be.

    1. Thanks! I guess I do have the Stacey Frey "do".

      I DO know there's less snow. Why do you think I lived on the west side for 10 years?

      Thanks for listening. :-)

  2. Welcome back Chrissy and congratulations on all your recent successes!!! Did you say south?? I'm so jealous! Looking forward to hearing about everything...

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, I sure did. Think about your weekly beach trips. Only every day. :-)

  3. Chrissy, I am so freakin' happy to hear that everything worked out, formating your book for publication on Amazon! I will change the link on my blog about your book.

    "Did I prevail? Oh, yes I did! Booyah, bitch!" GO, girl!

    And yes, do let us know about your guest post on Friday because I'll be so anxious to read it!

    Okay, and I'm LOVIN' the new hairstyle! Very sexy!

    And happy belated birthday to you!

    Have a super weekend!

    1. Thank you SO much for keeping the link on your page. I figured that I would use the money for the books that I donate and then sell off of Amazon.

      I hired the girl from the same site that I got my awesome illustrator so I thought it would be safe. This chic had really good reviews. She was a little pricier but she was also going to format it for Kindle. I'll explore that option later. I wasn't really looking for it, it just seemed like a nice add on.

      I'm happy with my hair, too, thanks! Long overdue. I need to start going lighter since my gray is getting more resistant to color.

      Nice, quiet birthday yesterday.

      Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  4. Good for you, all around! And the hair looks wonderful, and your lost cheeks....well, that looks wonderful too!

    1. Thank you, thank you!

      Now if I can just lose my "other" cheeks, I'll be good. LOL!

  5. You look damn good for 29...

  6. It was so good to se a new blog! Your "NEW" photo was beautiful! A move to the south sounds like a great idea! Thanks for posting a great new blog and congrats on your book!

  7. South is good.
    Seems things have been going well with you.
    Congrats on the success.

    1. Thank you! I got out of my, way too long, funk and I'm starting to live again.

      Looks like we may be neighbors soon...

    2. There are a couple houses for sale in the neighborhood.

      3 hrs to the beach, 2 hours to the mountains, And you wake up in Gods country every morning.

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