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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I've always loved to shop but in recent years, I've become an uber online shopper. I like to be able to peruse store inventories from the comfort of my home instead of wandering around trying to figure out where the item is that I want.
Don't get me wrong, I still love to spend afternoons shopping for nothing with girlfriends and wandering around local resale shops to find that perfect item that I didn't know I couldn't live without.
But I do LOVE internet shopping. Some frown at the additional shipping costs but there are so many places online to find discount codes that I don't worry about it. We share online retailer discount codes the way our mothers used to share recipes.
Along with online shopping comes online marketing. Most of it ends up in my junk mail but I go through that box every few days because you never know when something (or someone) useful might be in that folder.
I was going through my junk mail tonight when I clicked on an email from the store Anthropologie. I love this store even though I'm probably older than their target demographic. It's one of those stores that draws you in with its beautifully merchandised interior and unique items. I usually avoid the clothing half of the store and head for the home side.
Tonight, the email announced a wedding collection.  I know, I know. I usually would have just deleted it but the most STUNNING dress was featured in the email. It's called the Harlow gown and it harkens back the glamour  of art deco in the '40's. I probably wore something like this in my former life because, as you know, I'm totally reincarnated from this glorious era.
And yes, I would lose the sash. Who belts a wedding dress??

Now, the chances are slim to none that I will ever wear a wedding dress other than if I choose to be the bride of Frankenstein for Halloween.  That being said, the $1600 that I would spend on this lovely dress would be better spent on other useful items in the store.

Like this $2500 resin and steel chair. I would so be tempted to lick it.

Or this $498 Argentinean candy machine. I'm sure I wouldn't put any silly gumballs in it. Picture this: black jelly beans!

Or this adorable $198 fox pillow. As if The Fox song isn't in my head enough already.

Now it can be in yours.

 As, yes, I'm embarrassed to say that I like this ridiculous song. It's just so darn catchy!

Hint...if you don't like it, dance to it and you can't help but love it. And I just found out that the brothers who created this video have a talk show in Norway and they did this as a goof. Well, here they are 194 million YouTube views later. Suck that, Kanye.

If I want to spend the entire $1600 that I would have spent on the gown, I can just buy 114 of these initial wall hooks.

You know. One for every guy I've ever dated.


  1. HILARIOUS post, Chrissy!

    "Now, the chances are slim to none that I will ever wear a wedding dress other than if I choose to be the bride of Frankenstein for Halloween. "

    OMG...you CRACK ME UP, GIRL!!!

    Btw, the wedding dress you highlighted here is stunning! And what I really like about it is that it could actually be worn other than as a wedding dress.

    As you know, I love Anthropologie as well because I'm forever in their flagship store in Philly, taking photographs of their displays and merchandise. I LOVE that store! Yes, it's expensive merchandise but they often have great sales, so you can find some super bargains.

    "Picture this: black jelly beans!"

    You said it!!!!

    Enjoyed the video clip. Great song!

    Have a terrific Tuesday!


    1. Thanks! Isn't that dress awesome?? Yes, you can wear it as something other than a wedding dress but unfortunately, I have no occasion to do that, either!

      You're so lucky to have the flagship store there. I have to come see you (and it) one day!

      Have a great day~

  2. That dress is gorgeous! I'm proud to say that I do at leats 75% of my Christmas shopping online - I LOVE it! Too bad those darn discount codes won't work in Canada.

    1. Isn't it, though? I'll invite you to the wedding, 'er..Halloween party when I wear it!

      You can't use coupon codes in Canada?? That's what you get for having free healthcare. ;-)

  3. I do love me some black jelly beans. Icant stand the fox song but I have an 11 yr old in the house so I hear it often.

    1. Yes! Black jelly beans are the bomb.

      Ha ha! I have the same musical taste as an 11 year old. I first heard this at a wedding a few weeks ago and I thought, what the hell? Then I watched the video and I can't stop! It's the first song I've ever downloaded on my phone. I know. Sad.

  4. Sitting in the Cleveland airport right now waiting on a connection.

    1. No way! I was actually on the west side of town today. We could have had coffee!

  5. Why shop online? Because every girl should have a $200 fox pillow...


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