Monday, June 17, 2013

I bet you wondered what the heck happened to me.

Well, my last day was May 18 and that morning I woke up with a really sore throat. The next morning I felt like a truck had hit me and that lasted for 2 and a half weeks. I joked that my body was purging itself of my job but I honestly think that's what happened.

All the stress and bullshit that I had been holding in for so long was finally being released. The first week I had planned to play Cleveland tourist and hit some of the museums but I could barely get out of bed. By the second week, I decided to go to the doctor and I was diagnosed with a sinus infection, bronchitis and fluid in my ear.

No wonder I felt so bad!

Believe it or not, it was hard to do nothing when I was used to doing so much all the time. The dogs and Vinny were completely confused the first few weeks but they've gotten used to me being around. I've fallen back into my natural body clock so I'm up until 1:00 or 1:30 and I get up at 9:00.

My initial plan was to get a part time job for about 20 hours a week. It was funny, because the Monday after I left, I got called for an interview.

NO!! I wasn't ready to work again yet.

I decided to go in and see what it was about but the 25 hour/week job turned into almost 30 with no benefits. Um. No.

Instead, I opened an eBay store again and I'm pursuing some writing opportunities. Some of it's freelance, some is my poor website that I've neglected and another is a partnership with a friend that I'm really excited about.

Do you know what I'm most excited about?

I'm happy.

And stress free.

And I've missed you guys.

So, what's been happening since I've been gone? Tell! Tell!


  1. Welcome back Chrissy! We missed ya x

  2. Hei, my fav Wannabe Lady Stripper's back! So glad to hear that you're fine, health-wise, and that you're feeling happy! Life's too short to take shit for too long, I'd say, so you've certainly taken the best decision. I'm currently trying to re-organize my professional life, too, and joined a website called elance.com, upon a godd friend's injunction. They offer freelance jobs in various areas (graphic design, copywriting etc.). Haven't been very busy on there yet as I had to cope with a rather busy private life (friends visiting, so I've marched more miles than anyone could imagine and was almost overdosing on Seine-scapes & Eiffel-Tower-views and such) but it seems a very good opportunity to make some extra-money without doing tedious things I don't want to do (have plenty of those in my job, thank you very much). I send you summery-monsoony-humid kisses from Paris, luvvey!

  3. I list your blog as one that I read on my blog and I had noticed that you had been quiet for a while so I was pleased to see that you are back in circulation. Onwards and upwards etc etc

  4. Is amazing what a job can do to your body. Then again maybe that was your little send off gift from your manager in lieu of a gold watch. Glad you are feeling better and stress free. Looking forward to seeing you more often.

  5. @Indigo,
    Thanks. Good to be back!

    I can just see you giving people tours of Paris. "And here's the Eiffel Tower (yawn)." LOL

    I'll have to check out elance and you should take a look at Guru. That's the one I have gotten jobs through.

    Humid kisses back at ya! Muah!

    @Mark Clough,
    Thanks, Mark! Exactly. :-)

    @Simply Suthern,
    Shocking, really. I hear stories from friends who are still there and I feel my blood pressure raise a little each time.

    Thanks, good to be back!

  6. I've kept the pole shiny for you!

  7. @Ed,
    I hope not too shiny. You know how klutzy I am!

  8. "...my body was purging itself of my job but I honestly think that's what happened. All the stress and bullshit that I had been holding in for so long was finally being released."

    Yes, I totally believe that, Chrissy. Isn't it amazing how much our body carries so much stress, that once we let go of a negative situation, our body releases it as well?

    "I'm happy.

    And stress free."

    Good for you, girl. I'm happy for ya! You've been very missed, so I look forward seeing you online.

    "I'm up until 1:00 or 1:30 and I get up at 9:00."

    You sound just like me. I'm such a night owl!


  9. @Ron,
    Yes, it is amazing how much you hold in. Thank you! I'm so excited to catch up with you again.

    Of course, my twin!

    Up late eating Peppermint Patties. ;-)

  10. Welcome back! I'm so happy to hear that you are happy and stress free. It's great to see you taking some time to yourself.


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