Can you smell me now?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It was around 11:00 on Saturday night when I took Maddie and Dino out for their last potty stop of the night. It had actually cooled a little from the heat of the day so I sat on the front steps while Maddie sat on the grass and Dino sniffed around the bushes. Dino was on a leash but Maddie wasn't.

It was such a quiet, still night that I held Dino's leash really loosely, thinking we would be back inside in a few minutes. All of a sudden, Dino's head shot up and in a split second, he took off running and I lost hold of the leash. Maddie, not wanting to be left behind, started running, too. You know, as fast as Maddie can "run".

I concentrated on catching Dino since he's the fastest and I saw him coming up on something dark in the neighbor's shrubs across the street.

"Please be a cat. Please be a cat. Please be a cat.", I kept repeating to myself.

But, OF COURSE, it wasn't a cat.

It was a skunk who was spraying Dino right in the face. I tried pulling Dino away and  felt my leg get wet from the spray while I inhaled a lung full of it. I grabbed Dino and Maddie, who had finally made it across the street, and dragged them both back home.

I know they tell you not to bring a dog back in the house after they've been sprayed but I couldn't leave Dino out there to disturb the whole neighborhood so I brought him in and attempted to corral him into the bathroom. He slipped away ONCE AGAIN and ran right onto my bed where he proceeded to rub his oily head all over my pillows to get the spray off his face.

I was finally able to pick him up, toss him in the bathroom and shut the door. I went under my kitchen sink where I was sure my "skunk kit" was; one quart of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and Dawn dishwashing liquid.  But I had no baking soda and no peroxide.


I called my sister and after what seemed like an eternity, she brought me my de-skunking supplies by tossing them on the front steps and running back to her car.

I yelled out thank you as she waved her arm back over her head.

I read that apple cider vinegar is supposed to absorb the smell so I have about 2 quarts of it in bowls all over the house. I think it's working but I'm not sure. I mean, skunks can't smell themselves, right?

Poor Dino's head is still a little stinky so when he lays next to Millie, this is what she does.


Bottom line, I think we all know what needs to happen here.

The skunk has to go.

I've hired the best hit man in town for the job. 

Mr. Skunk will never know what hit him. 


  1. Hey Chrissy! Sounds like perfect fun for bedtime! Sorry, but I laughed about Dino cleaning himself on your bed. The scamp! =) Hope you're all stink free now, and that the skunk doesn't come looking to finish the job. Indigo x

  2. @Indigo,
    It's funny in retrospect but it was a nightmare in real time.

  3. Oh my, That's gotta stink. Of all the critters I've seen around here I have never seen a live skunk. Smelled more than a few and cant count how many I've seen on the road but never alive. Hopefully you can get the smell out of everything.


    OMG Chrissy, I laughed my ass off when I saw that last photo of hiring the best hit man in town!!!

    As I was reading this post, I could actually recall the smell of skunk spray because I have experienced it before. It's like the dirtiest smell ever!!!

    Hope your rid of it by now.


  5. @Simply Suthern,
    It was the MOST pungent odor ever. Millie got sprayed before and I don't remember it being so bad. It's like burning rubber or something. There's still a but lingering by the back door so I'll need to scrub the floors with vinegar.

    Well, we all know what a bad ass Vinny is. Do you know I actually watched him eat an entire chipmunk? All that was left was the tail. AGHHHHHH

    Yes! It's like someone sprayed Drakkar all over the house. LOL

  6. ROFLMAO!!! Too funny - but not for you of course! I've heard Coca Cola gets rid of the stench as well.

    Smell better soon...

  7. @Travel Girl,
    Coca Cola? So that would be with rum, right? ;-)

  8. My best friend and I used to see and smell skunks when we sat outside on hot summer Cleveland nights. I assumed one would eventually get us, or my dog, or my cats, but it never happened. I didn't know a peroxide mixture was the way to solve a spray - I thought you had to bathe in tomato juice!

  9. @The Roving Retorter,
    Wow, you lucked out. This is the second time! Yes, it works really well. The hardest part is getting them to sit still for 15 minutes so it can get the stink out.


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