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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The other day, I ran into a friend from my former (miserable) life at the hospital. She and I were both supervisors for the Eye Institute. I managed the support staff of secretaries, front desk staff and file clerks for six locations while she managed all the ophthalmic techs. After the administrator left that we both reported to (and LOVED), we had a revolving door of dopes and power hungry bitches for two years and it was nice to have someone to complain about it with on a daily basis.
I had promised that we would keep in touch and try to get together at least once every few months but that hasn't happened. But, like I explained to her, it's nothing personal. I'm an equal opportunity ignorer.
Is ignorer a word?  
Let's just say that I equally ignore everyone. Notice I didn't say "avoid". I really don't intend to let months go by but without seeing or contacting anyone but before I know it, I'm running into someone, once again, who is scolding me for not calling them.
It's odd because once I left the daily grind, I envisioned having all kinds of time to fill my social calendar with events that I would pick and choose based on my mood of the moment. Life would be grand!
Don't get me wrong. My life is pretty damn good but some days I wonder the heck I did the entire day. It's all relative, I suppose. I had stress in my life before and I have some stress now but it's at such a different level. I love that the worst thing I have to deal with is not being able to get an appointment until tomorrow to have my dog's nails trimmed.
Hey, are you free for lunch?


  1. Yes, I am free today.
    I aint too good at keeping up either. But hey, they didnt call either.
    I left my old job about 8 yrs ago. My old boss and I used to meet regularly for lunch to keep up. Somewhere in there we lost a yr and a half. We caught up the other day and had a nice lunch.

    1. Okay, good. Save us a table if you get there first.

      I'm glad to see it's not just me. :-)

  2. Chrissy, I'm the same way! Weeks or months can go by before I pick up the phone and call someone to touch base. But honestly, I've been this way my whole life. Now if I make plans with someone, that's different, I WILL do what I promised. However, overall I'm someone who feels, "I'll see ya when I see ya."

    1. Me, too. If I do make plans, I'll follow through. When I was younger, I was the one coordinating the together but, like you said, I'm more "I'll see ya when I see ya", too.

      Glad you stop by here, though! :-)

  3. Try getting together with her once a month (same day, same time) for drinks or coffee. The work-bestie relationship is very special and important, especially re: an unhappy workplace.

    1. That is a good plan. That was no one had plans that "come up" at the last minute.

      Maybe part of it is my guilt for abandoning her in that toxic environment.


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