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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alas, after a little over two weeks, I reached my disgust threshold and took my profile down from the dating website. I love the things that men do to entice you.

Pictures of their cars

Picture of them cuddling dogs

Pictures of their houses

And my favorite going out of business line

"Hurry! I’m only on here for two more days before my membership expires." I think this was the guy who under "my favorite things to do", wrote SEX.

Hey, we didn't need Chess King and we don't need you!

Needless to say, I didn't fall for any of them. Instead, I fell for a picture of a handsome guy sitting on his living couch, smiling. Remember Macy’s guy? The one I fell in love with when he told me his father gets VIP seats to the Macy’s parade and then subsequently was annoyed with when he stopped calling after a week?

Well, he finally did call again and we went out for drinks.

Which led to dinner.

And more drinks.

And dessert.

And then FOUR HOURS LATER, we were both completely smitten with each other.

Which led to another date. And another. And another. I’ll keep you posted!


  1. Rats. And I was about to send you a pic of my Ozzy tatoo, while I straddled my fully chromed Harley.

  2. Oh wow!

    Hopefully the sparks will keep on flying.

  3. The one guy did have a beagle though...had to be tempting. ;-) I wondered where you went...glad it was off to somewhere happy!

  4. Hey, that sounds just great! And oh, do keep us posted, I mean, really – I always loved good romance, and to know it involves you will only make me happier! PS: personally, I find the house photos quite attractive, but that's because I always seem to fall for penniless guys ;-)) millionnaires are just so hard to get these days!
    xoxoxo from Paris

  5. @.end transmission,
    Ooo...you can still send that. (insert purring here)

    @Simply Suthern,
    Thanks! I hope so, too!

    There were a few with beagles. I was tempted to tell them to just send the dogs over for a play date.

    Thanks, Sweetie!


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